NFL offseason five busiest team: a team or by changing the fate of the draft

Pittsburgh Steelers offseason destined to not be as calm as usual, Le Weiang – Bell and Antonio Brown – two offensive core, both from home almost a foregone conclusion. Although James – Connor and juju – Smith Schuster righting let their squad still looks some vitality, but they still have to consider what can be used in exchange for Brown, as well as how to fill their arsenal. So their every little trick, and even free-market pre-draft contract can be seen as some clues, all in all, team president Art – Rooney and general manager Kevin – Colbert has a lot of in the coming months work to do. However, there are still another five teams of offseason work even onerous than they are, let’s see exactly which five teams in the most busy this offseason?

1, Oakland Raiders

Called a few times more, “Oakland Raiders” it, because maybe one day after the “Raiders” is the name completely and Oakland parted ways. Compared to the other team’s personnel changes, the Raiders should be solved first is where they play next season in question. Although recently there are rumors that the relationship between the team and the Government of Auckland has eased, but it looks like the possibility of return to the team here remains low; Tucson, Arizona and Alabama Birmingham JO? It seems absurd, but it is the Raiders recently been associated with most new home city.

Even if the home problem is solved, the team also has a large pile of people’s gaps need to be added. In addition to the back of the big contract, the offensive group is outside the Bandali-Carl, only the external handy-Neilson and the near-end Feng Jarry Cook can give him a decent support, but the two old will also enter freedom. Market; the defensive group from the front line to the defender, especially the Soft Powerful Chongzheng Group, the 16th game in the 2018 season completed 13 kills, than the second giant and patriots should be less than 17 times This is simply a catastrophic manifestation.

The coach Jones Grunette sent to Carrier Mark and Amali, Cooper in the past few months, in exchange for the team, which is the current precious asset of the team. When the new general manager of the test, the moment of Mike Majack; and the team’s huge number of gaps appeared to only be added by the draft. However, it can be determined that the raid team with three first-round signs will be the busiest team before the show.

2, Arizona

When you replace the new head coach, when your team also has a homark, you have a lot of work to do. Steve, General Manager of the Red Season, is now in such a situation. Fortunately, he left a star running guard David – Johnson, which allowed him to be less worried about it, and how his is the most headache, how to use their second grade quarter Swan Rosen.

Rosen’s rookie season is a dream, which makes the outside world generally guess whether the flush “two knife” four-point Wei Keller-Murre, the highest heat, thus giving up Rosen. Although the new coach Jindersibli has declared that the Rosen will continue to use Russen, the rumors about Murre still have not stopped, and Murray’s style is more suitable for Kinsibli’s offensive system. If there are other teams that have a quote of the quotation of the red scitch, it is inevitable that they will not be a heart.

I don’t talk about the problem of four-point guard. If the red number is like a lot of draft experts, use the champion to sign the Central Nick-Bosa to supplement the strength; but the biggest problem last season is on the offensive front line, this The recognized alliance the worst offensive front line makes Rosen and Sam Bradford, and the total of 51 times, throwing out 18 copies. At present, in addition to the striker Justin-Peer, the other four of the offensive front line may be replaced. If their quadrant is still Russen, they must let him get appropriate protection.

3, Miami Sea Dolphin Team

Also have new coaches, there is a dolphine team, but their fans will be disappointed this season because their record may be less than 7-9 of this season. The team’s rebuild journey just started, and it does not seem quickly like the male. They also have four-point-baffled problem, and Ryan Tanny Hirns have proved that he cannot lead a team to continue to advance, and is easily injured. However, compared to the high suggestion of other teams, the dolphin team relatively rely on the right to choose to choose the quartzworthy, the 8th shot, the selected Tanny Hill is still so, and it seems they also I don’t want to make a lot of money to improve my draft.

Therefore, if the fans of the Dolphin are still in the next season, they don’t have to be surprised; but the dolphins are still a lot of work, how to supplement their own ball group is the first question. However, good news is that their new coach is good at defense, and their defensive group looks still to neat.

4, Buffalo

As the same area, the Bill team is stronger than the dolphine. It is no need to worry about the problem of quartz. Joshe-Allaun has at least excellent running capabilities, but in turn, the team’s running guards are very bad. In addition to running guards, the outer junctions are also collectively low; last season, Zai-Jones’s criteria column top 30 column column, after he, the team’s second pickup is actually running David Shaion – McKoo, and McCaye are flat in pavement attack, and the players in the team rushed to run the code are actually quad-quarter-Alan! This confusing offense is accompanied by the entire season of the Bill team, and they will definitely make adjustments to this situation.

As for the sake of the team’s ninth, they may use it to choose an offensive cut off, or pick a defensive front line general in this defensive big year to continue to enrich their defense strength. After all, the team’s team thinking is very clear – defense first.

5, Washington Red Leather Team

Jay – Grunette’s day is not much better than Brother Qiong En, the Red Leather Team may be one of the most important quarters in all teams. Because Alex-Smith seems to continue to absence, they must find a four-dimensional bath that can stabilize the team, but with Joe-Vlaco went to the wild horse, Nick Falls and the Jigui It is more intensified, and there are not many people selected by the Red Leather Team. Of course, they can choose a rookie quadition in the 15th step, but this does not solve all the teams of the team.

Similar to the above raiders, dolphins and Bill, the Red Leather offensive group also had a lot of questions. Their offensive thinking is very conservative, mainly in the middle and short distance, which is inconsistent with the current trend of the league. Even if the speed type takes behind Claude, it is impossible to change this situation. At the same time, “running the team”, “running”, “running”, still can’t be solved, can’t make the burden to the old Aderian – Peter Sen! Especially in the premise of their pass attacks. Under the pressure of the cowboy, eagle and giant of the same area, the Red Leather Team wants to break through the success, and it is necessary to do a lot of efforts.

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