NFL eight big idol temperament players: fashion-style male vs suit Which is your dish?

The NFL new season is about to kick off, and we will retrieve the feeling of blood boiling. And what kind of personal stars in the 2018 season will attract your eye, become a fascinating idol? Today, we will find yours in the NFL, and the stars of cool and cool!

1, Little Odel – Beckham, New York Giants, External Takers

If you want to row an NFL personality player’s list, if there is no Little Odel-Beckham name, it is absolutely unqualified. Since Beibei enters NFL, he is the most shining star in this alliance. This is not said that Beibei’s football ability has reached the strongest level of history, but he is definitely manifested in the field in NFL. Personal personality is combined to the fullest star. Light is Beibei in the rookie season, the shocking of the battle of Dallas Cowbi, has laid the foundation of the future superstar. The personality of Bethoon’s loaf of free love is more profound, “favor”, the gossip, the light of Beckham Key Nightclub, with Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin – Boker, etc. Ok, let Xiaobei often appear on the headlines of major gossip websites, entertainment media, which makes Xiaobei have a feeling of entertainment superstars under the court. On the court, he can always complete the beautiful ball once again, with no one can block the power, cut off all the defenders, cut down again and again; plus Xiaobai repeatedly likes to express your emotions on the court. Whether it is challenged with Josh Norman and other defenders, tearing fighting, after the arrival of the arrogant celebration, or after the failure, the farm, the locker room wood board and other behaviors. These with Belle’s ball skills together into the focus of all lenses, where Beckham appeared, his side is always full of a lot of attention. In addition, Beta’s handsome appearance, chic depends, fashion trend of the dress, no exception, let him become the idol of people.

The light is in the rookie season of Beckham, he just won 12 more than 12 years in 12 games, and in the next two seasons, Beckham won the 1450 yard 13 more than 1367 yards. 10 reached. In the career of Xiahe four years, he has been selected for three all-star professional bowls, the best lineup two seasons, got a new year’s best new show. In the 2017 season, although Beckbech was reimbursed due to injuries, he has already resumed health, and this outer hand is ready to be eyeball in the 2018 season. If you have just contacted NFL in 2018, then don’t think much, please look for the 13th player of the New York giant!

2, Tom Brradi, New England Patriots, Quadruple

Tom Bradi is already the greatest player in NFL history. If Beibei is a representative of specially alone, then Tom Braddy is a model of mature men. Breddy is like Goat Roger Federer in the tennis world, in temperament, Wen Wenya, with gentleman’s style; on the court, Braddy is invincible, talking, laughing in the horse; on the court, he and supermodel Giter – Bangchen fairy, whispering, rays. Breddy has already got rid of the restriction of the rugby player, not only the endorsement of the fashion college, but also like Met Gala, Braddy is more driving, and the appearance of the camera is constantly focused. And all of this is famous, from his great achievements on football. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Braddy ruled the NFL approaching 20 years of scene, this quadruption honor, and almost won’t be old, when he is 40 years old, even get NFL’s most valuable player award .

Throughout the career of Braddy, he got 5 super bowls, 4 super bowls MVP, 3 times NFL’s most valuable player, 13 times selected all-star professional bowl, countless records, honor set. In the 2018 season, Tom Braddy will be 41 years old. This old will remain in the peak of NFL, and he will continue to hit the sixth champion ring. Who can think of Braddy in the year is unable to adapt to NFL competition, only the sixth round of the draft. Breddy rely on personal struggle to change history. If you are in the low valley of life, please take a look at Bradi’s story, which will make your heart to reignite the hope of hope.

3, Antonio – Brown, Pittsburgh Steelman, external work

Antonio-Brown is definitely the best external connections in NFL today. His personal abilities are the top peak we have told. Since 2013, this outer hand can catch the 1200+ code data every season. Think about the brunt is also a six-round show that is almost abandoned by NFL. But now Brown has been selected for six all-star professional bowls, 4 best first lineups, 2 times to get NFL pick-up code king. Last season Brown cut 1533 yards 9 reacted, and this is not Brown’s limit; 2015 season Antonio – Brown is a score of 1834 yards. He is always able to easily break through the opponent’s defense, whether it is the pass, Brown one letter to hand. On the stadium, no matter how many people’s pinch, Brown can pick up the ball like a magic, then let the horses enter the enemy, complete another wonderful reachable, like the kind of lone hero in the movie. In addition, the pair of brunette shoe shoes, beautiful equipment, and beautiful equipment, and the celebration of the soul, but Brown always shook It is often fined by too soul and violates NFL. But his personal abilities, special alone, Zhang Yang wild, this is not all a king idol?

4, Tod, Galley, Los Angeles, Runaway

If you start watching NFL from 2018, if you want to know a running guard as your rugby, then I recommend Todd Galley. Because only 24-year-old Galley will become a super superstar of the future NFL, in the 2015 season, it is Todd-Galley’s rookie season, he won’t take 1106 yards 10 more than 10, which makes him Not only the year’s best offensive new show, but also selected a total of all-star professional bowls and the best lineups. It is also known that it is only 13 games that Galley has only 13 games. In the 2017 season, Galley has embarked on the peak of his career. He burst 1305 yards 13 more than, the ball is 788 yards, the incarnation of all-around God, the total number of single game exceeds 2000 mark. This allowed him to win the best offensive player award, and selected a professional bowl and the best first lineup, including all the offensive group players.

A wild flowing dreadlocks, handsome dashing looks, strong muscular, violence and elegant perfect fusion of style, this is Todd – Geer Li, a unique NFL players. The NFL running back is definitely a star you should not miss.

5, Von – Miller, Denver Broncos linebacker

If you are fortunate enough to witness over the 50th Super Bowl, then you sure as von – Miller ruled the performance of the whole game became his fans, but the 50th Super Bowl is just a microcosm of Miller’s career dominant only. Just on that year’s American League finals, Miller would sack Brady a few times, playing first person in history blurred consciousness; on the Super Bowl, von – Miller is so Kanmu year’s MVP – Newton no dim Light. Miller is the kind of debut that is the pinnacle of lucky, as the best in NFL history to rush outside pass one hand, his rookie season Von – Miller can easily All-Star Pro Bowl, season the best team, but also to win defensive rookie of the Year, 2015 season, Miller led the Broncos won the Super bowl champion, also won the individual Super bowl MVP, in Miller’s seven-year career, he played in the Pro bowl and the best team sessions, in addition to the 2013 season injury to miss a lot of the game, the rest of the season, von – Miller can win more than 10 sacks.

Not only is the field like a lion, von under field – after Miller is walking in the forefront of the trend of people, a spokesman for Adidas, he even Huobian global yeezy build football has become one pair of single genus, his fashion ideas brought to the football field. Von – Miller even has a 120 different styles of fashion glasses and more than 800 pairs of shoes in his closet you can see all the fashion brand clothing apparel. If you are interested in pop culture, then von – Miller will be your benchmark.

6, Kanmu – Newton, Carolina Panthers quarterback

Although the last two seasons, Kanmu – Newton’s performance is not satisfactory, but as a quarterback, a Newton too fascinating. He just looks and sexy body is enough captured the hearts of thousands of girls, but the most fascinating, or Newton was full of ornamental style of play. He is the greatest quarterback rushed the ball up front on several NFL history, but not unexpected, he will become the most rushing yard quarterback in NFL history. On the pitch, you can always see Newton ball to break the opponent’s defense, rounded end zone scoring touchdowns, and the kind of exclusive and wide receiver and running back who leaps touchdowns, but Newton’s forte, if Newton I wish, he can perform extraordinary acrobatic somersault to the people. Alone in his rookie season, will be able to Newton scored 14 rushing touchdowns, but over time, a long pass skill Newton more mesmerizing, like a bullet-like speed that the ball, with a tear Watch the enemy’s voice split the air hinterland. 2015 season, Newton scored 35 passing touchdowns punch 10 touchdowns, when the MVP of the season. He was shocked sculpture of Greek mythology, is the perfect combination of strength and beauty; Newton is owned footer of Steel “Superman”, he has become the idol of countless American kids in mind.

7, JJ- Watt, Houston Texans defensive end

JJ- Watt, height 196cm, weight 134 kg, majestic and magnificent, handsome. On the court, he was the most ferocious beast, tearing all the enemy with sharp claws, Field, Watt was like a boy next door, pretty interesting, full of affinity. Watt Houston Texans superstar, despite already has super strength, but he never stops, all the time temper their skills. Watt never give up, even if the body bruised, only to fight to the last moment, we should learn from this is the quality. But even over many years, injuries to Watts fell in the last two seasons, he played only eight games. But we will not forget, when he scored 20 times in a single season sack, will not forget the time he won three best defensive player, now Watt has been restored to health, he is like a modern Hercules Heracles Naples, after a “second trial” will new achievements myth.

8, Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski, New England Patriots tight end

NFL star mention personality, then the “Big Time Rush” Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski is certainly a textbook-like figure, glycopyrrolate in his career, he shopped nightclub, opened the party will probably look than we NFL game more than ever, it is said the reason glycopyrrolate to the University of Arizona to study, because there’s always a lot a lot of parties. Glycopyrrolate entirely outside the stadium is an entertainment star, he even participated in many WWE wrestling program, so many wonderful fans shouted. In the NFL stadium, glycopyrrolate is a nuclear weapons-level figures, he can turn all enemies hate running all the way, so that all defenders feel fear. So far, glycopyrrolate has got two Super Bowl champion, he is – Tom Brady pass best goal of last season he scored the ball 1084 yards eight touchdowns in the 2011 season glycopyrrolate cut at 1327 yards 17 touchdowns, both figures are record single-season tight end. If you’re looking for the aesthetics of violence, be sure to lock Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski!

Personality full of NFL star is too much, and here we must first mention that eight of the most representative players, this list in no particular order, although readers can express their views to Which NFL players talk about is the idol of your heart.

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