Newton explains why return to the Black Leopard: Not for myself, it is to win the game

Kam – Newton returned to Charlotte, which is not only to let the fans buy tickets. The four-dimensional doctrine of the past has worked for 10 years, and he said on Friday. He chooses to return to Carolina not only because of familiar.

“When you think about this problem, you will ask yourself ‘What do you want to get in a team?’ Maybe a lot of answers, or you will ask yourself?” Newton said : “Second, what is the opportunity? Do you have a real chance, do you prepare for competition in the season? Third, what skills do you have, how can you show your ability?”

“I have come here again, I think everyone wants to let Camp come back. You know that I am back here, I am not coming to play the heart machine, not to increase the box office, nor to stage a Cinderella story. I It’s coming to win, this is what I am most concerned, this is what I want to do. “

Newton has not enjoyed the taste of success in the Black Panther since the 2017 season, at the time of his 28, and the state is in the peak. But in his nearest season, his total number of scores and the number of passes were the lowest career. But Newton’s last few games in the patriots are clearly sharp. Newton was sicking during the season, from that time he was unemployed. After the patriot cut him, Newton quickly returned to the Black Leopard, although the head of Matt Ruer said that Newton is “unlikely” on this Friday.

“There is an old saying, ready to prepare, so you don’t have to prepare, you can definitely say, I am always ready.” Newton said: “But this is obviously a process, I am responsible for myself, to ensure the completion of the head coach Ruer And offensive coach Joe-Braddy makes me do something. If they believe that I am trustworthy, I have to be responsible for others. “

Newton can make yourself prepared for your quick play by as much as possible. Because Sam Downard’s injury will at least affect the three-week game, Newton is likely to be active at the 11th week. In the face of 8 wins and 1 negative Arizona, the black panther needs Newton’s contribution. Newton is a long period of time, which proves that he can be trusted. Although his body is not as good as before, his mentality is undoubtedly very active.

“Don’t say nonsense,” Newton said: “I want to do what I have been doing, continue to move forward.”