NBA – the whole team is only 2 mistakes, the basket is full of fire! Durant welcomes milestones, Mi Shen three points 5 in 4

On November 25th, Beijing time, NBA regular season continued to start, and the Nets continued to challenge. This game has already entered the state, Durant and Mills’ hand feel hot, helping the team to build an advantage, plus the role player’s play, the Net network has always taken the active, half a game, 62-49 Leading.

This game is adjusted by the starting lineup. The head coach Nash finally made changes, Al derridge topped Griffin’s first battle, Harris and Brown were absent, and the other four were Harden, Mills, Duran. Special and books.

After the start of the competition, Mills took the lead in playing in the outside, and in
the middle of the three points, Durant was still robust, helping the team once established 11 points. After the opponent continuously, the basket is also connected to the iron, giving the opponent’s chasing the chance, so in Durant passed the free throw, helping the team to help the team to steady. The first quarter was completed, and the Nets 29-22 leading the opponent.

The second game, the Nets still occupy the active, Mills and Harden have successively hit outside, and the difference is pulled off to 15 points. The role player of the Net. The player played in this game, and the Carter three-pointed, the British basket has also taken the initiative to take the initiative. After that, I found a touch of the opponent and started to be collected. It was good to stand in the Net, and someone stood came out. As Aldridge is in the middle distance, the half game has been sold in the Net 62-49 leading.

The first half of the basket is very outstanding, and the team has only two mistakes from Durant and this Bry. Durant is still steady, 7 in 4 get 12 points, and he also ushered in a milestone, and the career has always been officially surpassing Ephsen, raising the 25th place in the NBA history, the next one is Ri Allen His career has been 24505 points.

In addition to Durant, Mi God broke out again, and the three-point line 5 4 won 12 points. Harden this feels are not very good, 6 casts only 1, get 7 points 5 assists.