NBA has no super strong team, the times change, really changed

The new season is almost 1 month, and the Qing is still satisfied with the wonderfulness of NBA this year?

  • What is the NBA be becoming better?

This year and the NBA in previous years seem a little different, the season is now in the present, no team has a quality of the super strong team. Even if the Warriors are a big wave of losses, there is no kind of temperament that cannot be defeated.

In fact, there are still many teams in the summer of this summer, but the pictures of the universe are not appearing. Is it true that the time has changed, and the NBA is not a superior time, no super strong team?

However, this is the fans who are happy, no one is unique, this year’s NBA is also very exciting.

This year’s NBA has quietly changed in many ways …

The NBA has also changed the new game with the ball. It seems that there is still a few games or some players are not very adaptable. Of course, I am except for megavi.

In addition to the new game, the biggest influence on the player should be a series of new penalty rules adopted in this year’s sniper, where the biggest influence on the players should limit “non-natural breaker regulatory operation”.

At the time of attack, I took the initiative to put it on the defensive player. I didn’t blow
the penalty. When I shot, I didn’t have natural angles. I didn’t blow the penalty; suddenly deviated from the shoulder or hip to hit the defensive player, blow off attack foul; shooting is up or side I don’t naturally kick your legs, blow offense foul.

These 4 points seal a lot of players who are good at making fouls, once make everyone uncomfortable. The season is at the beginning of Harden, Blow Yang, East Chicchi, Lillad, Bark and other players have been affected.

But this also increased the ornamental and fluency of the game, which is the fans are willing to see.

  • Is it possible to add a tournament?

In the past few years, NBA has been trying various reforms, and some have good results, some effects are general. Previously, the alliance also proposed to add “Championships” in the season, although there are many players opposed, the league has not given up this idea, and is also actively discussing the feasibility and strives to advance.

Do you want to see “Championships”? This palace is that you can try it, as long as the game can be more exciting, all reforms and tries can be, it is not full.

  • How many surprises have NBA?

Peacebird Men recently made the first attempt in the sports field, chose the theme of basketball –Add me one! When the Qing played, I should have I have encountered “add me a” request? This time, “add me one” is PEACEBIRD MEN!

  • Peacebird Men X NBA

This year is the 75th anniversary of NBA, Peacebird Men handed the NBA, brought a wave of joined fans with a fans, with down jacket, baseball clothing jacket, sweater, sports pants and other categories.

With black and white, the classic sports stripe design has joined the Net team “Brooklyn Nets”, and the big print in the back is reflective, night running or night taking pictures, you are just the brightest and most 崽 of the whole street. . This is also the favorite one of the palace, super good! ! !

There is also a black thin down of Nets words, the winter is ready to resist the whole winter in the winter.

As we all know, there is no down jacket that is not a winter. This chest brought by Peacebird Men and NBA printed with Brooklyn Nets integration and gray black three basket main color down jacket, warm wind and wind, fashion, not bloated, very suitable Distinguished fierce men like basketball.

Autumn and winter must be white sweater, inner, wear is essential. The front is a backnon silicon rubber, the back of Brooklyn Logo, simple and generous, and the lines on the arm have increased fashion, sports or daily wear. The upper body effect is also very great. It seems that the whole person is very young and energetic. It is the temple of the girl’s dream, and the soul will play basketball.

The sweater can increase the warm male temperament, so how can the winter wardrobe can have this PEACEBIRD MEN gray black splicing sweater? The front pin is printed with Brooklyn Nets, which is very wide, and is very suitable for a variety of sports men. Single wear is a sports heating man, and it is a temperament of heating.

  • More possibilities of the PEACEBIRD MEN sports series

In addition to the launch of the joint sports series, Peacebird Men also launched a street sports style in the French street fashion brand Pigalle.

Peacebird Men combined with NBA and French street fashion brand Pigalle also launched a series of tripartite cooperation, sincerity full.

It is a personality showing that it is a personality, and it can also affect the surrounding and unin-understanding strangers. It attracts more and more power to join, to deliver the strength of basketball, basketball spirit and team culture. Let love to open more possible for life.

The PEACEBIRD MEN Sports Series has more surprises, we can look forward to more possible and surprises they in other sports fields.