NBA-half a half bombings! Haden broke out, the Nets actually behind 1 point, Durant 9 in 2

On December 1st, Beijing time, NBA regular season continued to start, and the Nets were home to the home of the
Nicks. The two teams of this game were still very glued. Knicks once received 8 points, the basket quickly chased the score; the second Nicks under the leader of Randel, the ratio, half a game After finishing, the Net 60-61 is behind Nicks.

Since Harris accepts surgery, it is still unable to play, the Net
continues the first lineup, or Harden, Mills, Durant, British and Aldridge; Knicks officially abandoned Walker, starting to Berk S, Fu Nier, Barrett, Randel and Robinson.

After the start of the game, Knicks took the lead in entering the state, and the Net is relying on Mills breakthrough, then 8 points in Harden, helping the team against ratios. After the Nicks a wave 8-0 small offensive again, it will be ahead of the basket. After returning the basket, Harden is three points to success, and the team will continue to be divided. With Thomas’s three-point hit, the Net has once again higher than the score, Playing a wave of 23-7 offensive, successful anti-ratios, the first quarter is finished, the Net 33-28 lead Knicks.

The second section came to the Net Net Failed to further pull the difference, Rose, which came upon by Knick, continuously picked down, and he was able to help the flat basket. With Berke, Knicks again In the ultra-score, Nash is also called 2 times during this period. After that, the two teams fell into the saw, Randel made 2 + 1, Durant waved down to catch up, and Durant continued to jump, and were also three points by Randel, good in Harden, excellent, breakthrough Advance + two free throws, and finally, in three points, almost hit a three-pointer. Half a half game was finished, the basket 60-61 Knicks.

After the half game, Harden was very good in the upper half, and 12 shots 8, three points 5 in 3, got 28 points 2 assists. In addition, he also ushered in the milestone of his own 2500-reward milestones, and it is close to Raygi Miller from history.

Harden ushered in the big outbreak, and the basket is half-behind, mainly Durant’s feel is not good, 9 shots 2, still very rare, just see his second half will not break out.