More than this skill Rogers League countdown fourth Bris

The latest quarter-point guard list is fresh! On the first one is the main figure of the steel people, the Patriots team’s Braddy is only ranked fourth, the brisker of the Saint Brisker is not in! Rogers in the packaging team actually rushed to the fourth place! What is this a ghost list? It turns out that this is a “quadrant bathroom list” that netizens evil, and everything is derived from Alon Rogers’ poor “blow beer” performance.

This also dates back to the fifth game of the NBA Eastern Finals in a few days ago – the Bucks and the Battle of Tianwangshan. The Bucks took the home of the town, and there were naturally less than Rogers with Rogers. From the NBA playoffs, he has appeared many times in the Milwaukee’s alley, helping the Bucks Station. At the same time, I also watched this game and the star offense of the packaging team. David David – Barcaty, and another red sports star in Milwaukee – from the American Baseball Grand League MLB – Jeric. And the live gateway is also keenly hope to do something on these.

I saw that Baxiya had two glasses of beer without fearing the lens, Rogers appeared in the scene of the scene. Rogers were still very calm than a gesture, indicating a dried beer, this is not called something; the result is a moment, he drinks, drink half actually stopped! I made a unable expression against the lens, which is laughed at the scene. Whether it is Baxiya or Jeregia to kill a glass of beer, after the scene of the scene of the tsunami, only Rogers are alone. I think that I will be in the game, and I am planted in this small beer.

Do you think that the harm from this world is over? Far far, in a bar of the Detroit, look at Rogers embarrassing “performance”, a handsome man couldn’t help but laugh, and then pick up the big cup and enjoy the beer! Rogers, Rogers, I can’t think of it by you for a few years, and I have been killed by you miracle Hail Mary. Now I finally found your “weakness”! This person is not someone else, it is the lion team, who is a four-point guard, “Xiaobian” Matthew – Stafford. And one of him is blowing down a cup of a cup of a cup of towering is also rapidly forwarded by major media, and has formed a distinct contrast with Rogers. I believe that the new Syensford will increase a lot of confidence when they face Rogers. After all, the so-called “miracle dragon brother” is just a “younger brother” that can’t do it!

The same as the elite quarter-off, the other protagonist of the “Double 12” of the “Double 12” in the last season, Braddy has also been forcibly pulled into the vortex of this “blow beer”. In the guest show show, he was deliberately “arranged” as a host, he and the host fell a glass of beer, and he would fight it. I have never thought that Braddy has a deadly king of the dead, and there is more electric flame on the wine table! Although a glass of beer is not a lot, his speed is more than the scene, the host is almost twice! When he drunk, the host was only half; Braddy is also a rigorous person, and there is still a steril in the wine glass. Do you have a good thing in Braddy? Then he quickly drunk in the cup, and the host has not finished. Although just a glass of beer, Bremen and Rogers are tall!

Rogers have been so “shameful humiliation” when Rogers, said in the NBA game, said that Baxtiari is more than once! Unfortunately, the Bucks did not give him the opportunity to lose the fifth battle at home, they did not hold the leading competition in the sixth battle, lost the entire series with 2-4. Match. Rogers wants to “famous”, maybe you need to send a separate to confirm!

By the way, as an author from the Northeast, when I wrote this Xiaowen, I actually full of “Wang’s contempt” for these four-defense! To be honest, these few people are tied enough …