Morality is still a human distortion, and what is the meaning of dolphin

September 27 (Wen / ESPN Compile / White) Submason 3 weeks, Miami dolphins have become the worst record of NFL history, believe that no matter who meets such a set of “send” lineup, they have to twist Three days of big songs are also worthy of joy in their hearts.

Brian Florez team lost three games with a score of 16-133, with a division of 117 points, which was 20 points higher than NFL’s original embarrassing record (1950 pony).

During the same period, they got one reached but released 18 times. Of course, the dolphins did not pursue this season, even though they didn’t want to admit this, but the world knows they are being turned.

They are accumulating the draft capital, exchange the first roundabout with the genius player like Lhami-Sanri and Mingka-Fitz Patrick, and strive to ensure that they can get the tag.

In the North American Professional League, we don’t need to spend too much time, you can find the example of being smashed and then succeed.

For example, now 76 people in Philadelphia, they are now in Sam Hinki’s draft, the morale is high. It is one of the 2020 NBA champions. Even the boss of 76 people said in the draft conference: I want to give Sam. – Xinji a kiss!

Finally, look at this year’s Cleveland Brown, and they have not yet won more than a winner season since the team has entered the reconstruction period, but now they have two majority of Yuan Lang Bake-Merfield and Miles-Grett, plus Star players such as Little Audel – Beckham and Javis – Randri have the highest talented lineup.

Today’s dolphine seems to be in the old road of the above team, there is no doubt that they are a bad team, since 2000 has never won a playoffs.

In the past 10 seasons, the dolphins have a record of 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8, but after 10 years, you can understand why dolphins will take such radical reconstruction strategies this year.

However, there are also a large number of opposition, because there are more teams do not achieve revival as space people and bearings; Sakki, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Brand, did not keep work.

Nfl is like a team like a chief and an eagle that has not been smashed and has successfully found a four-point guard and build a team around them. There is no right or wrong, but asked the players to dedicate their body for a teamless team, which in itself violates ethics.

Let us now take a look at what dolphins do, how do they do, what they can learn from Brown’s example, and even if they already have a rebuilding plan, is it possible to achieve the revival they think.

There are many bad dolphins – the historical head

It was originally thought that the Brand, 0-16 had been sparked, so that the team launched a free beer to attract fans, but in their reconstruction process, never showed such a bad thing like dolphins.

Hugh-Jackson’s worst record is 25 points lost to Dallas Cowbi in 2016, and the best record of dolphins is lost to cowboy in the third week, and there are two games to pagan 43. Divided, lost to the crow 49 points.

On the 17th week of 2018, the dolphins were the two major alliances in the history of American Rugby, and the first two consecutive games were over 25 points.

For dolphins, their next schedule is really more relaxed, but we don’t have to have hope for their future. According to the professional data website (FPI), the current chance of the dolphins in the 0-16 season is 13.4%, in fact, this figure is high as scary.

In contrast to Brown in the first two years, they were only 0.4% when they encountered three losses in the 0-16 season. Now, the probability of dolphins 0-16 is almost almost (14.8%) of the super bowl (14.8%).

Through future schedules, FPI believes that the most opportunistic winning game this season is the sixth week of Washington red skin. They are also one of the worst teams, and FPI believes that the dolphins have 30.1% winning rate, followed by the New York jet and Cincinnati.

How big is the pressure on the dolphins – high-risk high-risk

Obviously, the dolphine team is giving up in the 2019 season for accumulating a draft sign. Even if you don’t agree with them, but you can understand their logic, dolphins try to find a young four-point guard and wait for Tom Braddy to retreat.

Not intended, FPI data shows that the dolphins have 77.6% of the opportunity to obtain a gathering. If the drill season is not the worst, it doesn’t matter. All in all, the Dolphin team will have three first-round signs in 2020 and 2021, and there are two two-term signs in these two years.

The Brown team has five first-round signs in the 2017 season and the 2018 season. They use these signs to choose Merfield, Galt, near-end Edge David – Enqi Library, Corner Danzer – Water and Safety Gabril Perpos, the latter is sent to the New York giant as part of the small shell trading.

The fact that the Shanghai Dolphin has begun to accumulate a draft sign before in April, they don’t have a rushing of Lien Tanny, but to reorganize his contract, then sell it to Titan to get a seven-round sign and a 2020 four Teller.

As part of the transaction, dolphins will continue to pay for $ 5 million of $ 5 million, and Titan only needs to pay $ 2 million. In other words, the dolphins spent $ 5 million to bought a four-wheel sign.

Robert-Quin’s situation is similar, equivalent to dolphins spent 1.1 million US dollars from the denim team.

For example, they spent more than 6 million US dollars to buy a four-wheel sign and a six-round sign, but according to the survey, most NFL teams did not choose to buy these two signs with 6 million, because this Two signs take effect one year later, and the probability of playing the baby in the second half of the draft is extremely low. But for dolphins, they feel that they will pay the money to the old, it is better to buy two draft sign.

In the whole, the dolphins are more reliable by transaction San Hill, Fitz Patrick and Kenny Stels. In contrast, Texas is expected to enter the playoffs this season, so the first round sign will not be too big (a bit similar to the raid to the Kali Mark trading to the bear team).

But the transaction Fittrick is different, and the steel man encounters 0-3 in the opening of a star angle. The main four-point guard is reimbursed this season. Therefore, this first round sign may change the consideration. According to PFI data, the probability of the steel man gets the first five-step position is 25.2%.

Infrastructure cannot be ignored – role players invest

If the team is compared to a house, the star is the top beam column, and the other character players are bricks. The team should not ignore the construction of the base player at the same time.

Cleveland has a big loss. They have to have the top talent of the Alliance, but it has encountered 1 win and 2 losses in the opening of the game. The reason is that there is not enough role player in the stars.

The rebuild earlier, Brown let the three talented young players leave with free-hand, including Tel Avis-Benjamin, Safety Wei Tago-Jeepson and offensive cut-off-Schwarz There is also a center of Alex-Mike who wanted to leave the team.

After this? Brown couldn’t use a draft sign to make up for the vulnerabilities left by several players, so they had to introduce Beckham and Landri, and send four-point guards Shaun – Kaizhi to send the packaging work to defense De Magraphs-Lan Del.

However, until now, Brown has not completely solved the offensive front line vulnerability brought by Schwarz. Even after they spent millions, I introduced J. C. Terre and Kevin-Cai Telle, but also signed the front of the steel man Star Cris Habe.

Can Schwarz leave and the problem of Tamas retirement remains unresolved. So we see that Melfield is so easy to be in the pressure this season, it is trapped in panic, and it is so wolf who was hit by the ram last week.

The same, this is also the problem of dolphins. Even if they will be selected in Tua or Hilbert in 2020 as a four-point guard, the gram dolphins are trading Sanshire and let Joshua-James join the wild horses in the country. The offensive front line has become a league countdown.

Under the premise of adding weapons for the new quarter-saving weapons, how many capitals have to invest in offensive front lines? No matter which talented four-point guards come to dolphins, the team needs to configure excellent offensive weapons, including offensive front lines, but now to see the lineup of dolphins is really fish balls, and there is no.

Dolphins need to go back to the playoffs – far from

Another frustrated reality is that even God does not know when the dolphins can make it. Get an excellent young quarterfelt, but Pony has never used Andrew Ruck to enter the super bowl; Dethene Watson and Mitchell-Trobeski have not won the season Race, Matthew – Stafford did not.

James Winston and Sam – Bradford served as the first 13 years, and I have never seen anything after the season.

Historical bloody lessons tell us that the NFL of the salary cap era, the team experienced the rebuild must have sufficient time to adjust the lineup, so that it is competitive.

A total of 12 teams in the history of the league lost at least 15 games in the same season, including the Brown team’s 2016 and 2017 season, even if they look at the strength of the paper, do you see their future?

Throwing Brown, another 10 team performance proves that dolphins may have to wait for a long time to speak in the Alliance.

If you take the standard for reconstruction, these bad teams take the time to return to the season after 3.7 years, but if this standard is higher, these teams have spent 7.5 years to get the season. The first victory in the next game. And now, this figure is still rising, because the Dolphus team has not won the playoffs since the 2007, 15th and 15th, 2007, 2008.

The worst situation belongs to the Saints in 1980. They have been spent after 7 years after 1-15, but Jim-Mora team has won four consecutive times. Ball, until 20 years later acquired the first win.

On the other hand, only three teams in history – 1989 denim, 1996 jets and the panther in 2001 were only used in the playoffs for two years after the 1-15 season.

All of these factors have made Florez into an embarrassment. The prince’s defensive group coach has publicly said that the team did not rotten.

This may be said to the boss Stephen Rose, Ross is one of the NFLs the most patient boss, and there is no coach in his management for more than three seasons.

It is said Ross participated in rebuilding the team, but he does not know how much patience left. Positive example here is the owner, Jimmy Brown – Haslam, even two seasons suffered a 1-31, he has been rebuilding the team for their support.

Flores trapped in the most difficult stage of the reconstruction process, but this is not his fault, dolphins have been a bad record, smashed too much money on free agents who, but this team has been below the league average.

At the same time, Flores has no incentive to those players must be encouraged to play, we must also bear the pressure brought record is not good, or even become the laughing stock of the media.

Moral turpitude or is twisted human nature – put bad really low

Flores just take his reputation risky, and his players will have risked bodily injury, and even ruin a career there is no risk of future team to a season of their lives.

As we all know, football is a sport full of high-risk physical confrontation, the player’s career low average life expectancy outrageous. Research “Wall Street Journal” show, NFL player’s career average life expectancy of less than three seasons. These players may adhere to the teeth for three seasons, the Dolphins are still rebuilding.

Why come to talk about Fitzpatrick volunteered to leave, in addition to the risk of injury, he will certainly not good data on how the Dolphins, which is the sum of the failure of his life to write history, leading to find other work is also difficult.

1-15 at 2016 Brown, for example, the team played most of the season’s 15 offensive players, there have been seven goodbye to football, playing the most defensive group of 15 people in 5 people have said good-bye, as well as in three or list of other teams in training not hit the ball either stay on the injured list.

And even if those players left behind, many were also second only protect feng Joe – Bituoniao and linebacker Christian – Keke Xi Brown is still starting to play.

Brown chose the 14 year rookie, only linebacker Joe – Xiao Bote and wide receiver Rashad – Higgins left. It turns out that a bad season is enough to make those players could have played better in other teams to lose the opportunity to play.

This is a good thing to put rotten say will make people look down, at worst that should have been cast aside moral. Want to see a team and want to see a team tanking there are different, NFL and other alliances are also different.

In the NBA and NHL, if there is a draft enough talented players, they will be happy to put rotten, because they have the opportunity to choose him, pulled down the opponent will get the chance to sign a high pick in the draft.

In the NFL, the quarterback is really too much value, Keller – Murray can earn a four-year rookie contract Russell – Wilson salary a year ($ 35 million)

Of course, if the rookie who does not like to go rotten with dolphins can also choose to reject their effectiveness, just as Eli – Manning same. If Tua in the next year come out and say I do not want to play for the Dolphins, also no fuss, no one wants to stay in a bad team to bet on in his career.

Dolphin now on the practice point of view, even if the lottery is to temptation, I am afraid it is difficult to impress the hearts and minds of those talented quarterback.

Looking to the future, Rosen can still look forward to

Dolphins have been very difficult to win, but the team there are still people want to prove themselves, such as quarterback Josh – Rosen. Currently, Rosen also like a dolphin fearless, play more aggressive on offense, bold use of long passes.

For a three games to get only 16 points and only one touchdown in the team, playing two long passes does make a no suspense in the game bring a little bit entertaining.

Dolphins are very aggressive attacking each week, which is about how they want to control the game, how many long passes and his offensive tactics how to throw opponents unpredictable.

Even the Cowboys lost to the third week of 6-31, but Rosen and the team still achieve tactical objectives. The whole game, passing success rate of less than 50% Rosen also no touchdowns, he still maintained a good state of mind, use strong arm came 200 yards, it is worth mentioning that good control of his mistakes.

Rosen Rosen teammates have noticed more and more aggressive and strong, and encouraged him to do so. Running back Kenyon – Drake says Rosen by “respected by all, once the core of the team he is playing.”

Another running back Karen – Bala Qi said Rosen “not be intimidated by the pressure, his first stop on the first episode, to fear.”

“When he began to pass those 50-50 balls, you have a great help to us, if hit once, you can directly promote 40-50 yards.” Jesse left tackle – Davis said.

Another example, said Ming Luosen very aggressive, it’s time to face the fourth-gear last week, the number of short codes, the offensive had advanced to the front line of the end zone, coach Flores shot selection, and Rosen in the side to try I hope strong play.

When Flores replaced the offensive group, Rosen obviously very disappointed. Flores Rosen likes it, but he believes the strong play is not a good choice, Jason final – Sanders hit a 22 yard free kick.

The real warriors dare to face the bleak life, face dripping blood, Mr. Lu’s words, Rosen did.

“I do not want to end up, I was a quarterback, if I could have a greater right to speak, I want to be like Peyton – Manning, as the coaching staff in the field and waved listen to me, but I’m obviously not yet reached that level. “Rosen said.

Manning smiled and put their relatively large, it can be seen Rosen really confident, even if his quarterback career very well, but he still remains optimistic, the courage to play and try to become a team leader, he would defeat after going through active speech in the locker room.

He emphasized his strong either. Breeze brush hills; my any of my weak weak, you either lie down and chop, this is not what we want to see dolphins, dolphin Rosen players should have the same mentality.

In fact, losing is not terrible, principled tanking is reasonable, but the frightening thing is when the losing become a habit and gradually lost the desire to win – was hit by a car, get up, calm and said: “the next one.”