MLB30 Day 30 Team: The pirate team is expected to follow the bottom of the partition?

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today is a Pittsburgh Pirate Team.

Team: Pittsburgh Pirate

Partition: Guo Sai Central District

World Contest Champion: 5 times

Previous season record: 82-79 (4th in Guohuan Zhongzhong District)

Team Attack Index: 0.725 (League 17, League average. 728)

Team Score Rate: 4.00 (League 14th, League Average 4.14)

Director: Clint Hedr


At the beginning of the 2018 season, the top season of Ji-Shengsheng was the pirate (4 games) that caused the media, because the pirates were traded in the team in the offset period. Other strong teams are not the popular team of the race. MLBCUT4 surveyed a few fierce teams in the season, and found that the 2017 Jinyu became the first quarter of the league’s holiday, the whole season’s partition bottom team. The final ending of the pirate team is not very optimistic, becoming the second place in the partition.

Star player:

The 2010 Xiu Ziyuan Tag Harper and the third-shift of Macharddo, became the most remarkable free player, respectively, respectively, with a big contract, and clipped in the middle of the two On the list, Jameson, the second phase of the second, is a larger. Thai Yong, who has a beautiful double nationality, is compared with the media and genius Small Sostrasberg, but Tai Yong will board the big alliance in 2016, and it is necessary to end the 2023 season to become a free player. 2017 Thai Yong entered the first round value, 2018 season, 32 games, 191 games, 14 wins and 10 losses, self-sharing rates 3.20.

Safe Dickson in the 2018 season, 300 / .330 / .474 and 13 strokes and 55 points, but Dickson is a famous blind gun, his vowcy is 59.3% is the highest, the whole Only 21 four-bad balls in season (referred to the 29th four-bad balls of the worsaw team who do not choose Bai Zez, and he knew the concept of this number), and his preparation is sophisticated, the criticism. 996 leads the league left outer wilder In the 2018, he won the Golden Hand Casit Award for the first time.

The first outer wilderness Starn-Malti’s first player of the big alliance in 2012, from the space team first pitcher Kakor hand hit the home base, became the Pirate Team Since 1922 Wal Since Muller, the first player hits the player of the home. After 2015 and 2016, he won the Golden Huit Award. In 2016, all stars were selected. In 2017, 80 games were banned for banned drugs. The 2013 season hits. 277, the pirate 33 times, he and let-Segula are the only two players who have more than 20 times a year since the 2013 season.

Sino-foreign Wild Handleley – Poland was considered a superstar of the future pirate when the Great League in 2014. He hits the play from the bear team in Tel Avis-Wood hand, followed by the first 8 games of the pirate team. In 2016, the pirate team was 35 million in Poland. Polish Coats in the 2018 season hit three-wheeled. 254 / .340 / .499 and 23 strokes. In September 2018, Polish science was expected to be recovered in the end of April.

Team Outlook:

The Red Squad of the Kuanlian Central District of the Countertoire introduced the foreign wilder Pyg and Kemp and the first farther Alex – Wood and Sunni Gray, the Red Bird also introduced the original random snake team all-star strong boot-gold Schmidt, the original Indians, Schwing Andrew Miller and renewed the first pitcher Miclecales, the winemaker renewed Musakas and signed the Catcher Athmani-Gran Doline, the bear team The rest is quite quiet, but still renewed Hamels and Kunagna. The big movement of the pirate team was completed before the transaction in the 2018 season, although the original Royal Fath Pitcher Chris Aris Azher, but it is a lot of fierce baingas than other opponents in China.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆☆

WTR Rating: ★★ ☆☆☆

Expected record: 78 wins, partition bottom

The team estimates the first quarter from the opening season (according to the situation of spring training, the actual lineup will be adjusted)

Adam – Fraser Two Square

Stalin – Marty

Cori-Dickson’s left country


Francisco – Sevillel

Colin – Molan

Rati Hall Hall

Eric – Gonzalers guerrilla

The team is estimated to open the season (according to the situation of spring training, the actual lineup will be adjusted)

First Pitcher: Jameson – Tyne, Chris Archer, Trevo Williams, Joe – Musgrov, Jordan – Lolls

Rescue Pitcher: Chin-Chila, Kyle Creek, Richard, Rodrigs, Nick – Burdi, Mike – Philipz, Duffandas – Nevascas, Krem Mes , Francisco, Lili, Nick Goldenham

Terminator: Philip – Wattquez

Catcher: Francisco – Seville, Jacques – Stolins

Wilder: Josh-Bell, Adam – Frazer, Colin – Molan, Coclan – Hayiez, Eric – Gonzalez

Outfield: Starlin Malti, Cordi – Dickson, Lanny Hall Hall, Mülky – Kabrera