MLB28 Summary: Red Socks Home Resorts again to win the blue bird eight points reversal

On July 28th, Beijing time, the US duty wander’s big alliance ended more than 15 games, of which Bluebird 10-9 rays, red socks 9-5 Yangji, national 3-9 Dodge, sailor 8-1 tiger, marin fish 2-9 Snake, Red 3-1 Rocky, White Socks 5-1 Shuangcheng, Royal 1-9 Indians, Metropolitan 3-0 Pirates, Philadelres 7-15 Warriors, winemaker 5-3 bear, red 2-8 space people, priest 5-1 giants, sports home 5-4 visitors, Angel 7-8 Jacquard.

Blue bird 10-9 rays

Grichk’s first bureau helped blue birds to get 1-0 lead, but the second game Adams and Darno’s two three-component guns have made the light ahead of 5 points. The second half of the second bureau is also bombarded in
the second half of the Gior, but the rays will then have 3 minutes and six games end 9-2 lead.

Since then, the blue bird began to develop, and the sputum homes hit the two homes in the second half of the nine bureaus to chase the score to 9 flat.

In the second half of the 12th Bureau, Ernande is in the second branch of the single game, and the blue bird is 10-9.

Red Socks 9-5 Yangji

Yang Ki voweds a snow shame, their second game took the lead in score, Urra sticks in Rodrigs, but the good scene is not long, the red stockings have only one and a half bureau to hit the home base by Benine Time. Ping score.

Used the fourth time in the fourth game of Urila once again helped the Yangji, but then JD-Martinez’s two-sided gun helped red socks directly to overchart.

After the two teams were entangled in a few games, the red socks six or seven or two bodies have lost 9-3, and the Yangji rely on the anaba of Donggang Kyle, and finally lost the game.

National 3-9 Dodge

After the first game of the national, Tre Tre Nna was played, and the Eaton Triels played him back. Subsequently, Soto sacrificed to send back Eaton, the first game 2-0 lead.

Dodge Potential Catcher Will – Smith Third Bureau, the upper hierarchy hits the road to resort, then the fourth game is in the upper half, the Dodge rely on the series of three points, 4-2, and more points.

The seventh game of Dodge will lay 4 points to win, and after that, although the National Team Gomez hits the home run, it doesn’t help, the final scene is 9-3 wins.

Sailor 8-1 tiger

This is the first to score the tiger, and Gu Druman will send back to Jones Jones. The sailor has begun to catch up. The second half of the fourth place has been 3 points and anti-exceeding score, of which Norra hits a three-stricken . The seventh place in the seven games in the seven games will be 4 points, and the score is locked as 8-1, and the home will win.

Marin 2-9 Rattleson

The two sides of this bureau sent a surprise first pitcher, but the Snake of the Alex Yang Shou will be knocked out of the home run, so in the tail snake line to force, the top three bureaus shot smooth water Yamamoto Jordan Unlike 2 points, you will not say that the home is hit by Nick Amed, the single bureau is 6 points, and the two consecutive first fares were exploded. When they were just pulled up the big alliance, the aura is no longer, four At the end of the game, the snake 6-1 is leading.

The upper half of the Lanmax, and Chen Weiyin made the sound of the snake. He also retired. Amed Eighth Bureau knockdown again, locked the score to 9-2, and finally won the snake.

Red people 3-1 Rockey

The first three games of the red people hit the two home runs to win 3-0 lead, Rocky, the fourth game, the first half of the Arena sacrifice, returned to Stall, and chased the score From 1-3, the final is this score, the red man wins home.

White Sox 5-1 Shuangcheng

The first four games in the two teams became 2-1 under the melee, and the white socks were leading. The fifth bureau Monda hits the home run, the sixth game, he is equipped with the second base to send back to Casia, one person pulls the score to 4-1. In the end, they hosted the double city at home 5-1.

Royal 1-9 Indians

The first bureau of the Indians will lead, and the number of royal first Spikeman has not caught the number of Jason-ppnis.

Lindo Second Bureau also hit the Yangchun cannon, the fifth game, and the three-point home running of Ramirez, the three-point home base of Ramirez.

Through the eight-point leader brought by these three homes, the Indian final 9-1 broke the royal family.

Metropolis 3-0 pirate

The Sixth Bureau of the Concove Toro hits the home run, help metropolis will first score in this pitcher, the second half of the seventh place, JD-Davis sends the two-point gun in the right foreign field, the small white ball just flew out this Based on the wall, the final field will be hit by these two home runs 3-0, and their first farther Matts 99 ball is complete, only hit 5 security.

Philadelphians 7-15 Warriors

The Warriors’ second bureau depends on 4-0 leaders by the two homes of Siyati and Akunia. The Third Bureau of the Warriors attacked a seven-point overall situation. After a series of security, after 3 points, Albes’s Splenaries were locked to 11-1.

Philadelres began to counterattack, they rely against the second half of the sixth bureaus of Rhonic Tour and Sean Rodriguez, but they were more than 5-14, but helplessness was too big, and they were still 7- 15 fiasco.

Wineman 5-3 bear

In the third bureau, the third bureau hit two points, and the two teams hit the eighth game. Gamel first hit the Yangchun cannon, and then the Pu’an was sent back to Keyne, helping the winemaker packed the score.

The two teams entered the extended competition, and the top half of the tenth game in Almora helped the bear again, but the tenure of the heavy gold joined the Terminator of Jojol first, first hit the home base by Jerege, then It was once again sent a good next to the two-point gun, and the number did not catch the first to rescue, and then walked, and the final winemaker was 5-3 wins.

Squash 2-8 space man

After the injury two months returned, the first place of attachment to the back of the back of the return, helping the Space, the first game of 2-0. In the third bureau, he was knocked through the gun and expanded the division to 6-0.

The star of the red ramp, the first half of the Faucet, the fourth game, hit the home, and he was also open for six consecutive days.

The final space is 8-2 overdraw the rickets.

Pride 5-1 giant

Miles Fourth Agency, half-safe, march back to Dikolson, priest lead 1-0, the second half of the fifth bureau, Tatis, hit the 17th bomb in the personal season, will expand the score to 3-0.

Sandda’s sixth bureau, the upper half of the game will chase the score to
1-3, but only a half-bureau, Greg Garcia hits the security base, add two points, the final priest 5- 1 wins.

Sports Home 5-4 Rouvery

When the sports home came up, he went to the home, Kana and Simin hit the Yangchun cannon in the two or two branches, and Chapman hit two points in the second half of the fifth.

4-0 leaders’ sixth bureau continued to append harm, Lauren’s home running will expand the score to 5-0.

After the visit, the seventh game was at this time, after two out of the game, Santana was first played back to two points. After that, Carhorn and Andrews also hit the play, and then took two points, and retired sports. The two pitks of the family, the seven games ended in the end of them only in 4-5.

But since then, the cavalry did not come series from the decent offensive, and the end of 4-5 regrets.

Angel 7-8 Jacquard

Golden Joy is a good job, and the Semuelino is helied to help them win 2-0 lead, but the angel will share the score in the first half of the first half.

The angel will make persistent efforts, and the Fletcher hits the second base for the Qing Qian, and after two points, they have achieved 4-2 leaders.

But the good scene is not long, the third bureau is over, Jinyu has returned 3 points, including Sevilino hit a two-point gun, the angel immediately responded, Da Guxiang flat, the two teams Be 5-5 flat.

Viar and Puthangs hit the home base for their respective teams in the sixth game. In the first half of the eighth game, Alberto hit the hitting of the homage to help Jinyan again got two points.

In the second half of the ninth Bureau, after the two out of the game, Jinyan selection deliberately guaranteed Da Valiang, full of running to Opton, Opton only hit no nutritious wild flying ball, Jinxi 8-7 tough pretended to match .

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