MLB18 Day Summary: Bryant’s Three Connects of the Warrior Single Bureau 9

On May 18, Beijing, the US Professional Baseball Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Bear 14-6 National, Rocky 4-5 Philadelphians, light 3-4 Yangji, Space Man 3-1 Red Socks, Dodge 6-0 red, Jinxi 5-1 Indians, sports home 7 -2 Tiger, Metropolis 6-8 Malinfish, winemaker 8-12 Warriors, Sapphire 3-7 visitors, blue birds 10-2 white socks, giants 0-7 尾 snake, royal 2-5 Angel, pirate 5 -3 priest, Shuangcheng 7-1 sailor.

Chicago Bear 14-6 Washington National

In the first place, Haville-Baidz’s second base is played to take the lead in the lead, 1-0. In the second bureau, Albert-Almora played two points, 3-0. In the third bureau, Anthony-Linden returned a two-point gun, 3-2. In the seventh place, Chris Brines played two points, 5-2. In the second half of the seventh place, Suzuki Qing played a hit, 5-3, then he rely on the opponent’s pool and returned to the home base score, 5-4. In the first half of the eighth game, Kyle Schoboibo and Bryant’s home running and Mark Zaganis’s leadership makes the bear team get 5 points, 10-4. In the first half of the ninth game, Bryant was the third time, Wilson Kangrtreras, brought two points, 14-4. The second half of the ninth bureau, Bryan Dochl’s second base is playing, and the final range is fixed at 14-6, and the bear is overcoming the nationals.

The bear team first sent a pitcher Cole-Hamel, 5 games, 2 points, send 5 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. Bryant and Kanditreras Single Field 4 An, Bryant 3-Barrier 5 points. The National Team first sent a pitcher Max-Xie Zern 6 bureau lost 3 points to send 8 three-zitterained.

Colorado Sili 4-5 Philadelphia Philadelres

In the second bureau, Brandon Rogers rolled the Earth to make Rociji team score, 1-0. In the third bureau, Mark Reynolds’s second base is helpful to help Luoji team again, 2-0. The second half of the third bureau, the two-point gun of Andrew McCachen pulled the field score, 2-2. The second half of the fourth place, the second base of Sasal-Ernandez helped Phirace 3-2 anti-ratios. The second half of the fifth bureau, Bryce Harper played the second base to help two points, 5-2. The sixth bureau is in the upper half, and Ian Daysmond played two points, 5-4. Philadelphians defeated leading advantages and finally defeated Luoki.

Luoji team first picked up Pitcher Qiong En-Gray 4.2 The bureau lost 5 points to send 8 three-lived to swallow. Philadelphians first sent a pitcher Cole-Elwen out of the 6 games, 3 of them were self-responsive, sent 2 three vibrations, winning the victory, Extor, Neidz rescue success.

Tampa Bay 3-4 New York Yangji

In the second half, KFRs Morares karate, Yang Biece 1-0 leads. In the fourth place, Willie-Adamus’s Yangchun cannon allows the radiance to equalize the score, 1-1. In the middle of the eighth game, Brandon Lowen and Kevin-Kilma returned to two points, and the radiance 3-1 rebarrup. The second half of the ninth bureau, the Yanqu team relies on Luke-Woit and the other’s explosion to chase the score, and the Ji Osrai is playing again, and Yangji 4-3 kills the light.

The radiance of Junney Qivino appeared 4.2 There was no loss to send 2 three vibrations. Yang Biejun first pitcher CC-Sabasia appearance 6 bureau lost 1 point to send 4 three vibrations. Jonathan Holdle got the victory.

Los Angeles Daoqi 6-0 Cincinnati

In the second bureau, Koi-Sig played two homes, Dodge 2-0 leaded. In the third bureau, Joke Peterson and Marcos – Mangsi back home homes, 4-0. In the upper half of the sixth game, the aquare of the Ernandez in Ernand is a point, 5-0. In the first half of the eighth game, Cody-Beilinjie played a spring gun and lock the entire score at 6-0.

Dodge team first picked up the Rich-Hill’s 6 games without loss of 10 times. The Red Squadron Pitted Anthony – Deska Lafari Anti 4-game lost 4 points to send 4 three vital swallowed.

New York Mandari 6-8 Miami Manalin

In the second half, Pitt Alonso’s Yangchun cannon gave metric 1-0 lead. In the third bureau, Jiaolit-Cooper’s antestack was returned to two points, and the Malinfish 2-1 contrast. The second half of the fourth place, Holhi-Alpharo and Miguel-Rojas’s leadership makes Marin 4-1 lead. The second half of the fifth situation, Bryan Anderson’s second base, and the two-point home base of Alfaro expanded the leading advantages of Marin to 7-1. In the seventh game, JD-Davis slammed two homes, 7-3. In the second half of the seventh place, Stalin Castro’s high-flying sacrifice makes the macaro a point, 8-3. In the first half of the eighth game, Pete Alonso once again opened again, 8-4. Hu An – Leagarez’s first base and Brandon Nimo’s high flying sacrifice hit back two points, 8-6. Final Malin 8-6 defeated metrics.

The metropolitan will first pitched Yakubu-Degromo 5 games to lose 7 points, of which 6 points, sent 3 three vibrations, swallow the defeat. Malin Fish Tridovo Richarddon 6.1 The bureau lost 3 points, sent 4 Senang to win the victory. Selgio Romo won the rescue success.

Milwaukee Brewing People 8-12 Atlanta Warriors

The first half, Freddy-Fremy’s roll earth, let the Warrior team first, 1-0. In the second half of the second place, Ozi Albes’s high-flying sacrifice will rewrite the score to 2-0. In the third bureau, Fri Man played the Yangchun, 3-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, the Ronald Akunia single branch paced 3 points, Dansby Swansen, Josh Donalson and Taylor Flavos played the ball The court, the Warriors a single bureau got 9 points, 12-0 leaders. The first half of the seventh game, Ryan Braun’s antestable to help the winemaker to pull back a point, 12-1. In the first half of the eighth game, Braun’s rolling earth and the two homes of the Nordin-Nottingham hit the score further close to 12-4. In the first half of the ninth game, Braun and Nottingham’s antestack let the winemaker will have 4 points, and the final Warriors 12-8 defeat the winemaker.

The winemaker first pitched Jorris-Xie Xin 5 games lost 3 points to send 3 times
three times. Jacob, Nottingham 4 points on the game. The Warriors first pitched Max – Fried out 6 games No loss of 5 times, San Zhen won the victory, Luke Jackson rescue success.

Kansas City Royal 2-5 Los Angeles Angel

In the second half of the second bureau, Bryan Guden is selected in the case of four bad balls to save back, 1-0, the angel team leads. David – Fletcher played the earth to send a point, 2-0. Tommy – Rastera’s antestack and then put a one point, 3-0. In the third bureau, Cole-Carlorn’s rollback earth sent back to a point, 4-0. In the second half of the sixth game, Len Ohne’s first base was played back to the royal team, 4-2. In the second half of the seventh place, Albert-Prince’s first base will be separated in 5-2.

The royal team first sent a pitcher Brad – Keller’s 5.2 bureau lost 4 points to send 3 three-vital swallow. The angel team first made a pitcher Matte-Harvey 5 games lost 2 points to send 6 times, San Zhen got the victory, Hutse Robrez rescue success.