MLB-Wrande strong cattle shed unparallert space people 5: 4 dangerous snake

On September 17, Beijing time, the defending champion Houston Spaceman met the visit to the cross-League opponent Arizona Shot Snake team, this is the third game of three series, before the two sides acquired 1 win. The space team has achieved a leader of 1 point, and the 6th game was presided over by Pellal Tap Yang Spring Cannon, and then the next half was again leading again, and the score advantage was expanded to 5: 1 at the end of the 8th game. . The 9th Bureau’s upper half space team cowshed a fire even throws 3 points, but finally holds the results, with 5: 4 dangerous snake.

Celeron meets, Willand is more winning, and he will win the victory of the victory.

Celeron meets, Willand is more winning, and he will win the victory of the victory.

[Data Highlight]

The space team first pitted the Wrand vote 7 bureau 11 three vibration 1 to save 3 security 1 points. After 11 three-vibrators, the single season 269 times three resonates his career record in 2009. He was 3
2 times in this season, this is the 8th three-zonal. And this season is the 11th time of his career, the third party since the extraordinary card (1994).

The space team Blesman has been buff in 42 consecutive games. The team history record is 44 horses in 1998 Jeff-Baghwell.

The snake team first made a pitcher Glanji 6.1 Bureau 2 three vibration 2 guaranteed 8 security 4 points.

The space team stabilizes the status of the Normal Union West, leading the second sports team 4.5, and the tonic snake to the country of Keni District is getting farther and farther away from the season. The second outer card is also 4.5 fields.

[Competition process]

The space team first sent a pitcher Wildide 1st, three players, three players, Jay, Polan and Peralta, and the second half of the second half of the space man Springer and Otti Bleigman hits the dual killous earth, but Springer returns to the home base to part of the space team to get 1 point leader.

The 6th Bureau’s upper half of the tuxedo team’s Peralt hit the Yangchun cannon from Wandad, and the next half of the Spring Game opened again, and then specified the Best’s second base to fight. Sending the Springer home base again earned 1 point, 2: 1.

The resiling snake king Granzi expression is not bad

The resiling snake king Granzi expression is not bad

The 7th Bureau, the lower half of the Leidick slammed from the snake team, Glani hand hit the Yangchun gun, and Maldana hit the play, Kenseno selection to go to the Board. Glanji 6.1 The bureau was replaced by Bradley, and the Outu was trying to make Kenseng. The space team leads the advantage to the 4: 1

The 8th Tail Snake team reunited again, Boxberg was hit by Coriya and Maldanner to lose 1 point.

The 9th Bureau of Space Team McCho is playing the ball and passed the Pellalta and was hit by Gold Schmidt. The space team tried to hit the middle and foreign wilderness by Espoba. Flying sacrifice to send Pellarta to score, Dersco Laso hits 2 guns, but Malti has ended this game. The tail snake team will lose a space person.

[Two sides starting]

Arizona Snake Team:

First stick right outside wilder Joan – Jay

Second Bar AJ Pollock

Third rod left outer wilder David – Peralta

Fourth stick, a barrier, Paul, Gold Schmidt

Fifth stick, three bases, Ecedo – Eshkiba

Sixth rod designated to combat Daniel – Deskola

Seventh stick two bases Kittel Malti

Eighth Bar Guardian Nick Amad

Ninth Bar Catcher Jeff – Masis

Houston Space Team:

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder https://www.mlbtrojerse.comGeorge – Springer

Second Bar 2Sgain Jose – Otti

Third stick, three bases, Alex, Blesman

Fourth stick, Yerley, Guore

The fifth rod designated strike Taylor White

Sixth Bar Guob Carlos – Coria

Seventh stick right wilder, Yash-Redick

Eighth rod catcher Martin – Maldanner

Ninth stick left outer wilder Tony Kemp

[Next prospect]

On September 18th, the spaceman will open 3 series from the sailor team at the home sanctuary. The space team will enable the rookie Flenda – Waldez (3-1, self-sharing 2.66) Career 5th time, the sailor team is Wade LeBron (8-4, self-blame Phase 3.56).

The snake team will return to the home to the Warring Country Lianzhong District Head, the Chicago Cabin Team, the snake team first pitcher as Patrick Colin.