MLB – Tu Laudi single field five five-double competent work angel away great victory white socks

Sports News Beijing time on September 9th, Los Angeles Angel continued to be a competition for the second game of the series of sectors in Chicago. The angel team depends on the performance of the star Michael Tmiel-Truite, 12 to 3 victories of Chicago white socks, gave the white socks 4 loses.

Shen Dun agent Sheldo was exploded today, 4.1 bureau was knocked 9 security

Shen Dun agent Sheldo was exploded today, 4.1 bureau was knocked 9 security

[Data Highlight]

Los Angeles Angel: 5 (including 2 bills), 5 points, 3 points, ran back to 3 points, this season, his hits this season also increased to 0.314; Da Guxiangping 4 play 2 Support (including the third base of the ninth bureau), 3 points of booking, running back 2 points and select 1 guarantee; David – Fletcher and Andreton – Simmons have 2 security Certificate.

Chicago White Socks: Jolmer-Sanchez 3 play 2 支 安 (all of the second base is playing) (There are 1 second base to beaten), there are 1 points of booking.

[Competition process]

At the beginning of the first game, Carhorn saw the first ball and waved the flying ball in the direction of the Chinese and foreign countries, and the Chinese and foreign wildernever gueled. Follow Fletcher, the birds in the middle direction. The first big drama of Turett face Hillz to the full number, grabbed Hillz’s 88 miles / time red second seam speed ball, and became the 2-point base of China and foreign countries. The angel took the lead in obtaining 2 to 0 leaders. Da Guxiang Ping is in the footstest, and the red ball will play a bird. When the Opton was blown, the big valley passed the second base. Opton did not miss the chance, he made a shot of the shifting of Hillz into a bird from the right field. Although Hils finally made Simmuss’s rolling dual killing, ending an angel’s first offensive, but the angel has achieved 3 to 0 leadership.

Turkot is open today, and the horror data of 5 5 5 5. White sock pitcher has no one can suppress MVP

Turkot is open today, and the horror data of 5 5 5 5. White sock pitcher has no one can suppress MVP

The blow of a lower half white sock has also responded. The front of the Gaisa, Moncadad played the second base of the right foreign country, followed by Sanchez grabbed the speed of Shi Meike, and became the second base of the right foreign country. Get the first point. After the creation of the roasting of the Garcia’s three-way direction, Paca made a strong bird from the left field, forming a situation of one or three finals. In the face of Castillo, Houmeck smashed the highness of the pool, forcing Casti to become a rolling earth in the second base direction, formed a double kill, ending the first game. The angel is still leading 3-1.

Entering the Second Bureau, both sides have stabilized, each let the other party’s three strokes, no offensive. Entering the third game, the attack of the angel is the first to launch the offensive. Carlorn and Fletcher have played birds and rely on Hillz’s flight to two. In the face of Turett, Hilitz decided to be paired with him, but the bombing of this shredded him was still high, and Truite once again played him the left outer wallet, this time is three homes. After Hillz, Hillz was brought to the Great Valley. When I was blown in Opton, I thought about it. This time, I was hitting the white socks, and he turned to the second base. He Munda, blocked the big valley in the Barkeeper Before the package. After Hillz, the state was adjusted, and two players after the angel team were solved, and the top half of the three games was ended. After the three games, Xi Meike has been playing with Sanchez and Garcia, although the last three oscillated Pakka, Houmek still fell 1 point. At the end of the three games, the angel is still 6 to 2 leading white socks.

In the upper half of the four games, Hillz’s polar situation is still not good. He made a touch of Toors, and he sent him a bar. Asia subsequently played the rolling earth in the guerrilla direction, sent Ward to the second base. However, Carhorn played a flat-flying ball for a barrier, and immediately transferred the second base after killing, Ward was directly sentenced to the bureau, and Hilz completed the three three strips. In the second half of the four games, the offensive of the white socks still continued. In the case of the two people, Anderson played the Birds and the second base, followed by Smith to the second base of the Chinese and foreign field to send Anderson to the home base, got the third point of this game. After Shi Meike, the three vibrate Engel has ended the four games. The angel team is still leading 6 to 3.

The five-game half-white socks are still Hillz pitch. After Sanzhen Fletcher, Truite has played the third support from him. This time is a bird. At this time, the white sock coach decided to change the Legalon Bummer to face the big Valley, so change him. Hillz has always supported a total of 4 and 3 and 3, and the 78 balls (44 good balls) were thrown 9 security (including 2 bills). 6 points, send 1 time, three oscillation also have 1 time . After making the Big Valley, the earth is now replaced by another truncated pitcher Juan Minaya, Minia solved Exton, solving the top half of the 5 games. . In the second half of the five games, even though Shi Meike passed Sanchez, he forced Garcia to play a double kill and completed the three three strips that changed. In this game, Hemeike spent 74 balls (48 good balls), was hit by 7 boasts, three, three vibrators and saved 1 time, and finally got the victory.

The six-game half-white socks are still in Minia, and the angel’s offensive is still, Simmons and Fernandes have played birds. However, Mena has sent Ward and Assia, while Simmons rely against Mina. The lamination mistakes in Sia have arrived at the third base, and Fernanders also shocked the second base in Agia. After the white socks were deliberately ordered, Karhn was built, and the Fletcher’s flying ball was produced. Although this game is very fierce, there is no score. In the second half of the six games, the angel also replaced the truncated pitcher Kam – Cam Bedrosian. He successfully pressed the offensive of white socks, letting the players of the white socks three.

In the seven games, the angel turned into Truite, he once again played birds, while the white socks were replaced with new truncated pitcher Carrab – Vlare Caleb Frare. He solved the three players after angel and completed the seventh game. The pitcher who took hands in the second half of the sky was Hansel Robles. Although he first saved Anderson, let Smith played birds, but he continued to solve the players of 3 white socks, suppressed the seventh bureau. 7 bureau battles, angel is still 3 points.

On the 8th game, Ian Hamilton, although he made Ward played birds, but then made a double kill of Assia, completed the three three strips that changed. The pitcher who replaced the second half of the 8 game was Justin Anderson. He also completed a three-way work in three. The score is still not changed.

Da Guxiang Ping Statee Anate Skyline Bag adds insurance points to the team

Da Guxiang Ping Statee Anate Skyline Bag adds insurance points to the team

In the middle of the 9 game, the white socks were replaced by JASFRY. Angel’s offense resurrected again. Carlhorn first leaned against Anderson’s mistakes. After the guaranteed Fletcher, Turi was once again played the bird, and formed a situation where no one was full. Da Vallang once again showed his strength, and a three-round top-reaching three-round three-running will be able to send all three runners to send home score. White socks main coaches replace their pitcher again, this time is Diago – Vieira. After letting Exton played in the wild, his tradition allowed the big valley to run back to the home, and won the fourth insurance points of this Council. After Sometimes, Viera once again filled the strain, Simons to the second base. The Jefry Marte, which was played on the ground, played a bird from the left field, and methanas. Alternate Kaaleb Cowart hit the birds in the right field, sent back to Simons to returning home score. Viera has appointed the third flight of this Council. Kewart tried to pirate the bachelor, was blocked by Smith in front of the home base, ending this half. Angel is already 12 to 3, it is ahead of white socks. The second half of the nine bureaus replaced Jim Johnson, he did not accidentally let the white socks beat three three three times, and they have done this game. The final angel 12 is more than 3 big wins.

[Two Party First]

Los Angeles Angel Team:

First stick right wilder hand Cole Calhoun

Second Bar Two Fortress David – Fletcher

Third stick Chinese and foreign wilder Mike – Mike Trout

The fourth stick designated to fight the big valley

The fifth rod left outer wilder Justine – Opton (Justin Upton)

Sixth Battleman Andreton Simmons

The seventh stick Based Jose – Fernandez

Eighth sticks Taylor – TAYLOR WARD

Ninth Bar Catcher Francisco – Acria (Francisco Arcia)

First Potter Matt – Matt Shoemaker

Chicago White Socks

The first stick is about the second base, Yoan Moncada

Second Bar Tablet Yolmer – Yolmer Sanchez

Third rod right wilder, Avisail Garcia, Avisail Garcia

Fourth rod left outer wilder Daniel – Palka (Daniel Palka)

The fifth rod designated to fight Wellington Castillo (Wellington Castillo)

Sixth Based on Matt Davidson

Seventh Battle Tim – Anderson

Eighth Bar Catcher Kaswan – Smith (Kevan Smith)

Ninth Bar Sinowfield Adam – Engel

First Potter James – Hillz (James Shields)

[Tomorrow Preview]

The angel will continue to be a guest in Chicago, and the white socks complete the last game of this series. The angel dispatched the first hair pitcher is Andrew Hii. Although Hei cast a 6 game in the last year in August, he lost 4 points in the last time. Since August 1, Hiki has cast a total of 41 and 3, with a self-blannging rate of up to 5.62.

The first firing of the white socks is Renaldo Lopez, Lopez recently said that he can fully trust his pitching spheres, pocused with confidence. Recently, he voted in 19 and 3, his spontaneous loss rate was only 1.83, and he sent a three-vibrate, only hit a running horn.