MLB three-year all-star player is looking forward to recovering free body, thank you old home



November 1st (Wen / ESPN News Network) After a very embarrassing exchange with Houston Space team officials, Grrit Cole was spent on Thursday, NOT COLE. Social
media, expressing the gratitude to the Houston space team and the fans.

In this season, Cole is a strong competitor of the US League. On the Twitter, Cole said: “The result is very difficult to accept last night, and today I still feel very sad. Before I became a member of the Task Force, I didn’t understand Houston. But in two years In the process, you have a feeling of being at home. So I know now, you are very friendly to me, very welcome me with my family. I am proud of the effectiveness of the space team, I am here I am a lot of friends. The relationship with the team and the fans will be surprised. Thank you for helping us have better people and better players. This is a beautiful season, we should be proud. “

In this season, Cole created a record for the space team and won the last 16 regular season. ERA data has achieved the best career. Cole completed a total of 326 three-vibrating bureaus in this season, not only his career is high, but also has become a new season, and breaks the history of Spaceman since 1979 by JR Richard (313 times) .

Such a performance makes Cole with his teammates Justin Verlander a major competitor of this season. After Wednesday, the Space team officials asked Cole and media reporters. At that time, Coloms worked with Borat Corel Brass, and said that officials said they were no longer employed in the team. What is even more embarrassing is that after I agree, he will mention it: “I think, I can only represent myself …”

Cole’s broker is a well-known Scott Dean Boras in the industry. In this year’s free market, Cole is expected to get huge business contracts and will become a hot player.

29-year-old Cole won the opportunity for the first time in 2013. At that time, Cole was active in the Pittsburgh Pirates and spent four seasons. In 2018, the Pirates traded Cole to the space team. In the career of Cole, a total of 2015, 2018, and three times in 2019.