MLB – Super New Show Sen Zel Single Shuangxnell is better to help the ray

On May 7th, Beijing time, a total of 12 games in the United States, the specific competition is as follows: Giants 4-12 red, Warriors 3-5 Dodge, white socks 9-1 Indians, sailors 3-7 Yangji , Red stockings 1-4 Jinyu, Shuangcheng 8-0 blue bird, the snake 1-12 light, the national 3-5 winemaker, Malin fish 6-5 bear, Philadelphia 0-6 Royal 4-6 Space man, Metropolis 0-4 priest.

Giants 4-12 red

The super new star, which has just risen, once again, today’s first stick, so the spring gun, the second volume of the season helped the red people. Subsequently, Suarez contributed two people, 0-3; Iglesians and Casari also used two anaba to return to 2 points, and the red first https://www.maillotspascherfr.combureau leads 5 points.

The second bureau is over-bureau, and gives a giant one point, 1-5; the second bureau, the Senzer single field is twice, the red people expand again, 1-6. In the upper half of the sixth game, the giants finally launched a certain counterattack, Sanddovar slammed the three-unit gun, and the division was cut down, 4-7.

However, the good scene is not long, the sixth bureau, the continuous attack leads by Suarez, let the red man have 5 points, and the final giant 4-12 is defeated.

White socks 9-1 Indians

This game of Indian ace pitcher Bauer was hit by the white stockings attack line. After 5.0 bureaus was hit 10 security, lost 8 points, 7 points, although it also sent 7 three vibrations, but 2 The home run is not ideal.

In the first half, Monda is the first to open, and the seventh volume of the season will return 2 points, and the white socks 2-0 Indians. In the third bureau, it is also the high flying sacrifice of Monda Dada, 3-0; the fourth game, McAnan Yangchun, 4-0; the fifth game, it is Munka Da, the second base is played for the team to add 1 point, 5-0.

The Indians get the score until the 5th game, but in the sixth game and the eighth game, I lost 4 points, and the white socks finally defeated the opponent.

Sailor 3-7 Yangji

In the second half of the first game, Woit hit the 10th volume of the season, Yangji took the lead in score, 0-2; Kedner and Esterrada also brought the Yangchun cannon and two points in this Council. The DJ-Le Mei Hugh’s Action Let this bureau points to 0-6.

The sailor got the score in the fourth game, Santana’s last game was completed 3,000 three-oscillated CC-Sabasia’s ball, and the score came to 2-7. London, although he bombarded a home run, 3-7 score did not continue to change in the second half of the game, and finally the sailor defeated.

Red stockings 1-4 golden

Red Socks this game once again encountered low tide, the whole team only knocked out 3 security hits to get 1 point, and 6 times a three- vibration. Jinji is the opportunity to seize the second half of the second game. The player first places the base, forming the base, and Viar stands out when the two are out of the game, 4 points to the team, and firmly Leading the lead, eventually defeating strong enemy socks.

National 3-5 winemaker

In the first half, KFRK took the lead in building a lead, 2-0; the national main arrested Gomez first shot, injured. In the second half of the first game, Sai Yang strong Xie Zer quickly lost, Musakas was sent back to 1 point, 2-1.

In the second half of the second bureau, the national officer’s mistakes allow winemakers to equalize the score. In the upper half of the seventh game, Eaton slammed the Yangchun cannon to let the national leader, 3-2; however, the next half will be chased, Gran Daohe is returned to the teammate, 3-3; then Agiral High Flying sacrifice to make a winemaker, 3-4; Gamel will be a bit 3-5 in the eighth game, and the winemaker will win.

Snake 1-12 rays

The radiance got absolute advantage in the second game, and the unique attacked 5 points. After the ray warter is formed by playing and guaranteed, Robertson chooses four bad balls to keep it, squeezed back to the team 2nd, the snake 0-2 rays; then Tommy – Fan bombarded the gun, instantly let the light 6 points leading advantages. In the second half of the third bureau, Garcia is hit, the score came to 0-7.

The rays of the rays, Snnell, this is 5.2 bureau perfect competition. When I got 2 times in the sixth game, I was knocked out by Wagas, and the perfect match came to an abrupt. However, Snell is still super performance, 6.0 bureau is only hitting a place, no loss, send 9 times, Zhenzuo did not guarantee, win the victory. The final ray also ran rang the snake.

Philadelphia 0-6

The Red Shot was previously swept by the bear, but in the face of the strong enemy Philadelphians in Guandong District, it showed an excellent state and zero opponent.

In the second half of the fourth place, Molina’s home runs the red scitch 2 points lead; the second half, Cag President also contributed a home run, score to 0-3; come in the state of the fiery Delong Knocking out two points, 0-5; Kilton – Wang Gaofei sacrifice to send back to the sixth minute. The red tick first pitched Mikerat was settled after the 7 games were only hit 3 security, and 5 times were not guaranteed.

Double City 8-0 blue bird

Double City Big Sheng Blue Bird continues to move in the United States of America, leading the second
Indians, and 7 wins and 3 losses in nearly 10 games. The Shuangcheng Safe’s surprise is pitcher Perez. This game is not unbearable. After 7 bureaus, I was hit by 2 security and played a three-ivivation. At present, 5 wins and 0 bear stronger column rankings third.

This game Blue Bird striking 3 security beats, swallow up 10 times, and also sent 2 mistakes. Double city will spend more, Poland, Cruz is 3 security, Rosario and Castro send 3 points.

Metropolis 0-4 priest

Last season, the League of League, who was winning the Town of Degrom, but did not win. He lost 2 points for 7 bodies, sent 7 three-vibration, but Wilson, Wilson, lost 2 points in the eighth game. The most important thing is that all the wear strokes, 31 counts have only 4 safety, and they eat 12 times.

The priest continuously in the second half of the game, won the victory in one fell swoop, continued to follow the second snake with the record of 20 wins and 16, and only 2.5 gaps from the top name.