MLB – regular season curtains Faded down the Dodge Court Shengluochi Union Partition Championship

On October 2, Beijing time, the Great League of the United States has played a game, and Los Angeles Daoqi met the Boorolokyki at home. This game will decide which team can get a champion in the 2018 season.The two sides of this game have a good player, but ultimately the newcomers of the Dodge will take the wind, and press the outstanding pitching content to destroy all the rocky line, and finally, Dodge 5 is 2 LLL, continuousSix years of boarding the throne of the partition champion.

Billet 6 and 2/3 bureau completely blocking the Rocky line only being knocked out

Billet 6 and 2/3 bureau completely blocking the Rocky line only being knocked out

[Data Highlight]

The two-point gun of Mangxi expanded score became the key to the competition. The game was 2 points in this field. 2 points. Although Berlinjie only had a safe, it is the first two-point gun, contributing 2 points. Tap, Pitcher 1 points.

[Competition process]

In the first place, the big bienjo took the lead, Blackmond’s first rod hit, hit the second base direction rolled, was blocked in the first base; Le Mei Hui left foreign wild ball was killed, Darn also rolled the earth Out, the first half has been completed very quickly. In the second half of the first game, Marquez debuted, respectively gave Pipeson and Mangxi twice, forcing Turner rolling the earth, showing the recent excellent performance of pitcher.

In the second bureau, Brace continued to be stable https://www.fanartikelsportde.comperformance, Arrener’s inner high-speed ball out, Stoli rushed to the game, Gonzalez received the first three vibration of Billet. In the second half, Marques was hit by Marto, but the next three beats can be easily resolved, and the Dodge is not scored.

Toolman Ernande's good preparation to help Biller

Toolman Ernande’s good preparation to help Biller

In the third bureau, Bille encountered some crisis, first tented the ball to keep the Destmond, and then the Black Mont is guaranteed, and it is good to finally lose the half.

Beilinjan is a Taoism to draw first

Beilinjan is a Taoism to draw first

In the second half of the fourth place, the first hit of Mangxi was hit by Zhen, but the capture Waters had a replenishment and unsatisfactory three vibration, Mangxi lucky to the first base; then Marques continued three rumored Matshando and Grana, However, when everyone thinks that the last out of this Council will come smoothly, Belinjan hooked out the 25th volume of the season, and the two-point gun broke the balance of the field, helping the Taoist leading in such a key game, 2- 0; Subsequently, Puign took the second base to beat, Marques selection automatically guaranteed Ernand, and finally pitcher Bille was sputtered.

The fifth bureau is over, the Gonzalez flat flies out, Day Shom took the three vibrations, Waters rushed out, the end of the Bille to the fifth bureau has not been hit, and the three-three strokes are over half. Bureau. In the second half of the fifth, Rocky was then hit, Peterson’s first rod knocked out the second base to beat, Turner was killed by Sanzhen, Mangsi contributed a two-point gun for Dodge, suddenly pulled the difference to 4 Divide, Dodge 4-0 lead Rocky. After the Macha, Mika is resended, and the game has been lost in this game. 4.2 is hit by 5 amps lost 4 points, of which 2 points, send 9 three-oscillated 2 times.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Masgraf continued to move forward, in the case of the two people, was hit by Erninand, and the Bille also contributed to the point of place, but not only picked the opponent, but also Can contribute, the score is 5-0;

In the seventh place, Arrena, Stori, Stori Safe, Gunsalez, selected four bad balls, at this time, Bille was replaced by the main coach, and the game was extremely excellent. 6.2 Only 1 beat, three times three times were sent 3 times. Byzz bought Dashmond, successfully solved Hollydi.

In the first half of the eighth game, Bayz has made an Ane Neta Flying ball after being replaced, but Alexander did not solve Blackmont, and was hit by anger, and then he was replaced. Work; Le Mei break faces the front field hits the soft rolling earth, Turner’s biography, but Rocky will make video playback challenges, the referee maintains the original judgment; Only the last half of the game left.

In the second half of the eighth game, McGi continued to spread, Bellin and Puign rolled the earth, Johnson replaced McGi to complete the third out of the bureau; Ernanders finally rolled the earth, the game came to the last Bureau.

Storery once again slammed the home base to push the score into 2-5

Storery once again slammed the home base to push the score into 2-5

In the first half of the ninth game, Dodge sent the terminator Jensen to go to the door. However, in the face of Arrena, the first ball whose vote was thrown out of the left, and Rocky finally broke the zero seal in the ninth game, 5- 1, Rocky still has the opportunity to create reversal; the second place hit Storley, patiently choose the ball entangle to the full ball, once again, the home run, Rocky uses two Yangchun guns to close, 5 -2; Gonzalez hopes to take advantage of it, actively attack the first class ball, and the result was taken from the first out of the bureau, and finally completed the first out; Dai Shom Let Dao Qi completed the key out; Parafi debut, first by pitcher to grab two good balls, and finally attack a high-angle high ball, fall in the sky, the end of the game.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Daoqi Team:

Peterson left outer wilder

2. Turner

3. Mangxi

4. Machavo guerrilla

5. Granda catcher

6. Bellin Jie Zhongwai Wild Hand

7. Puig right outside

8. Ernand

9. Brapping

Colorado Squad:

Blackmont Chinese and foreign wilder

2. Lemeu

3. Darzi left outer wilder

4. Arena

5. Stori guerrilla

6. Gonzalez right wilder

7. Day Smond

8. Waters catcher

9. Marcy Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The winner of this game will be held at home to fight the warrior, continue to divide the battle, to compete for a ticket to enter the national contest, and the loser Rocky will go to Chicago, and challenge the wineman 翻 掀 马 小 小 小 小Brutal outer card. For Rocky and Bear, the intensiveness of the schedule is too difficult. The next day after the competition will be played, and will wait for Rocky’s will be the Bear’s ace, whether it is difficult to pass. It is necessary to see the leadership of the Rockey team.