MLB from the stimulant open a penalty single sportsman fireball pitcher Montas is banned 80

On June 22, Beijing time, MLB, official announcement: Auckland Sports Pitcher Frankie Montas 80 due to the use of stimulants, it is reported that Montas is a named Ostarine. Stimulant.

Ostarine is more well known names that MK2866 is MK2866, which is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) developed by GTX (GTX-024). Medicine is mainly used to treat muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. The reason for the athlete taking OSTARINE is to increase muscle as soon as possible in the case of controlling the fat rate.

The ban will start immediately after the announcement. Given that the sports home has already played 76 games, this suspension will directly let Montas bid almost farewell to this season, he will only have six games after the coming out. If the Auckland sportsman can laugh in the outer card to win, in accordance with the Rules of the Alliance, Montas will not qualify for the playoffs.

Auckland’s sportswear released a statement on Montas, indicating that they respect the alliance judgments and will welcome Montas after the ban on the ban.

As part of Rich-Hill and Josh-Redkend, Montas came to the Auckland sportsman from the Los Angeles Dodge Farm. This 26-year-old fireball pitcher ushered in his career this year. At present, the 90-year-old good grade is on the game, 2.20’s self-sharing rate is also a bright performance, his number of victories, several digits and self-blame The moiety is the first team. Montastas with a best rigid speed ball is also very good at using the shift ball to deal with the beeker.

Losing the powerful pitcher of the fireball started in the first game, the Auckland somewhere was severely painful after severe hurt, and called the potential of the new star Hessus – Lorendo from the 3A Level League.

“Although I have never intended to use any illegal drugs, unfortunately I purchased this material in a nutrition store in the United States,” Montas said in the statement. “I respect MLB rules and judgments and understand the alliance’s stimulant agreement. I will be committed to all responsibility. I sincerely move to the Auckland sports homes and teammates,
and I have to care about my fans and my family apologize. Because this mistake I was For the ban, 80 games, I hope to return to the team later in this season and do our best to make a contribution. “