MLB first pitcher is difficult to pull the World Contest Losing, Ko Xiao, bid to Nagi, how to welcome you?



Like the seventh battle of last season World Contest, Dodge once again lost a 1-5 score in the home court in a non-victorious 5th battle, and the trophy of the World Contest was missed at home in the second year.

Life and death, the body, the weight, the graviz is again returned

Dodge coach Roberts did not have any questions to launch their own ace first, Cretton Kreton, hoping that he can continue the wonderful performance of the home playoffs this season. On the occasion of Koke Xiao, the Dodge Course has played the special music “We are Young”, and all Dodge fans also know that this is very likely that the Dodge Course will play this song. Because the gram Xiao can jump out the contract to become a free player after the end of this season.

Before this battle, Koko career faced the blance rate of 6.28 in the playoffs. Everyone hopes that he can make the World Competition back to Boston while completing redemption, but the union is open again.

When Ben Ni Di played in the first game, Sti-Pierce, which was hot, sent Kak 4 to the left field, and this is the third home base in Pierce in the World Competition. beat. Dodge was in the first game in the first game, and the 7th battle of the last season World Competition was completely exactly the same, and 0-2 behind.

“Pierce’s stick is very good. But the place that really hurt is Ben Ning Tudi, the number of good spheres of 0-2, I should make my scorpion on the ground. He didn’t play the ball very solid However, he should not be able to touch this proportion. I didn’t put this ball down, and this really pays the price. In the first game, it is a spring gun, in a point of view, you can Treatment. And David Prab is doing this. He blocks us after the first game lost the Yangchun gun. “After the game, Ke Xiao said.

The first battle of the World Competition is only 3 bians who have been played in Boston. It was lost in 5 points. Koke Xiao lost this two-pointed home run, and the instant station stabilized his heel, followed by 14 In the famous player, he successfully solved 13 digits, the only thing to be played by JD-Martinens, and the double kills through the ground rolling the ball after Bogotz. 5 The bureau lost the two-person team 1-2, Kokos still maintains their own rhythm, maintaining this division, lets the team still have a hope, not like the 7th battle of the World Competition last season. Same, the chaos in the first paragraph of the game allows the Dodge to fall behind.

Dodge line is very low

Dodge line is very low

Dodge Walker continues to be sluggish

However, since David Fries raised the first ball of Ples, Dodge players didn’t really threaten Ples. Even after the third bureau, JD-Martinez’s judgment lost to Fries’s three bases, Dodge’s line continued to send the platform runner back home. After that, Plesce has solved 15 people until the 8th game is given to Chris Taylor.

After the third game, the Queang line of the urgently needed to score even the 2 barrier package did not step on, and the last six outgoing numbers in the game, all ended in a trival way. Losing patients at the same time, there is no need to adjust the key moments, making Dodge lost the last line of life turned over. In the entire world contest, Turner, Machado and Mangxi three are not even more than a person in Pierce.

When the sixth bureau Khak Xiao made Bates who did not perform in the playoffs. After the split is 1-3, the Dodge fans understand that they basically look at the opponent at home for the second consecutive year. JD-Martinez gave the third home homer to Ke Xiao Benfam in the 7th game, which is also the first single field of Koke Shanda Sai, and some of the Dodge fans in the scene. Start off. In today’s obvious red satter fans took over the Dodge Stadium, when the red sock pitcher won a good sphere and after the number of people, they began to celebrate, because it means that they were close to the championship.

There is no big problem in the overall controlling ball, and when there is a very good pitch, I have been knocked out of the home run, which is a true portrayal of Kak 4 after the age of 30.

When Chris Sers used three three-oscillated red socks to lock the championship trophy, in addition to the red satsuk players who celebrated from the cowshed and rest zone, the Dodge player was in two years. The desolate back of the World Contest, and the Dodge Stadium left a large space.

“You must pay tribute to this red sock.” Roberts said. And when responding to such an excellent red sock, Kokochang said: “When the face is 108 wins in the regular season, two in the playoffs. After 100 victories, you really don’t have much mistakes. I made a few mistakes. Sometimes you only hope that these balls will only find the gap to become a place, but they flew out the court, this is The story of the competition. “

Disappointed Dodge

Disappointed Dodge

How can Kexo may jump out of the future?

With the end of the season, the Dodge’s star faces the most critical choice for his career. It is to do not jump out of the 2,500,000 contracts. Before the start of this season, the Dodge’s internal staff very hopes that Ke Xiaohui jumped out of the contract after
the season, because this means he has an excellent season. However, with the poor performance of 2 World Contests, and after the spherical speed dropped to 90-92 miles / da hours lost the former pressures, the future of Kok Xiao became a big question. This time when the star is still in a blue white jersey, it is unable to be a circle of the championship, which also makes the outside world feel that he may jump out of the contract to initiate an impact to the World Competition.

“I know the future choice problem, but I don’t want all the focus on me, especially after the game, this is a very painful night. And David Ples gives one Very good night, I was defeated by him. I have three days before everything, I can see it after three days. “Ke Xiao responded after the game, I said.

But after tonight, Khako’s four pre-issues left in the seasons in the seasons have risen to 6.28. Career across the 30-game race of 8 seasons, 24 first, left 9 wins and 10 defeat, 4.32 self-blame rate. Although this Kak is not short of highlights, it is only an unlimited zoom in every time his bad performance is because it is a playoffs and critical reasons.

“This is very painful. This is a failure. We have entered the world contest for two consecutive years. It is still here to be defeated last season, but pain makes you forward. Just once again fell to the World Competition again, this Very bad. “Jensen said. When he was asked to witness the question of Koke Will’s six-year playoffs, he said: “He is one of the best pituits in the alliance. We struggled in the playoffs, and he is the same, of course you. It can be said that anything I want to say, but I still be proud of him, I am proud of his game. He tried to make this team better, just something is not what you imagine. “

Red stockings Celebrate Covenant

Red stockings Celebrate Covenant

Since the 2010 and the 2011 season of the tournament, the Dodge of this season is the first team of racing runner-up for two consecutive years. After this time I fell in the World Competition, no one knows when the next time I will enter the World Contest, because there is no team that is more needed to be a champion, and the cost of winning and going to the World contest may be higher.

After the game, I was asked in the dressing room, I was as good as the “next year, it would be better”, Hill said: “Time is flying, when you have this opportunity, you must Hold. “

The champion of the National Association of the United States was taken in a consecutive season, and the world contest in 2 consecutive seasons has been in a consecutive season, but the army of the championship and the champion lost, and Ko Xiao and Dodge in October once again were cursed. We don’t know how Kokkiao thought it was thinking, but we know that there is no Dodge fans hopes that the 5th battle tonight is the last time they see the Kosko wear, and Ke Xiao is leaving. The data is: 7 games were hitting 7 security, and they were thrown out of the three homes and lost 4 times.

If this is really Kak 4th, the name of the Dodge, then he is probably the impression of the Dodge, which will be the eternal 2018 World Competition.