MLB best newcomers Alonso win the two-point gun metropolis 7-6 reverse priest

Alonso bombards two different guns

Alonso bombards two different guns

On May 4th, Beijing time, the US duty wand big league, the big party, the priest team, the second game of the series, the two sides of the first pitcher Schodegard and Ttringer are not ideal, the demise points are in the two partiesPitcher.The metropolis will be stronger to show great toughness, and the score of the backward is finally in half of the 7 games.The first half of the nine bureaus is the best new Xiu Alonso, the best New Xiu Alonso, who is relying on last month, and the Great Meets 7-6 defeated the San Diego Teachers’ team to win the game.

Data highlight:

Metropolitan team: Kano 5 play 4 play, Rosario 5 play 2 Anwind 1 Tott 2 score, Alonso 5 play 3 hits 1 home run 4 points

Prica Team: Riyes 5 play 3 hits 1 home run 2 score, Ri Fo 5 play 2 安 1 home hit, Fran?on 3 play 2 Anwind 1 home run

Competition review:

The two tropics, the San Di Colorants, the San Di Nio priest welcomed the three consecutive war of New York, and the big capital was created by the previous astonishing record, finished the nine games and knocked out the decisive home run. Lei Shen Syndergaard ran, and the priest team sent the first round of Show Turre (Cal Quantrill) for 2016. In the Career Career, I met the Warriors. Faced with the horror lines headed by Ronald Acuna Jr. last year, the 5.2 bureau pool only lost two points, although it was swallowed The content is not bad.

In the first half of the visit, the general public will first launch the offensive, open the road of Pioneer McNeil, Amed Rosario, Robinson Cano, replenishment Baseball, the first half of the game has achieved 2-0 leaders. However, the counterattack of the landlord is also coming soon. After the Frantil Reyes, after the manny machado, the guerrilla direction of HOSMER is rolling the earth to cause guerrillas. Mistakes, let the priests are
just behind one after the end. In the second half of the three games, Schindgard’s lost ball ran to the red, Ryes a big stick, and the little white ball leap outside the front of the right country, 2-2, the priest team successfully put it in the third game The score is equal.

In the second half of the four games, the priest line continued to append the score, and the Hunter Renfroe, the Hunter Renfroe, the second base, the second base, the next base, the next France seized A red scorpion directly pulled out left outer field, 4-2 priests reveal in two points! However, the upper half of the five games made Alonso (Pete Alonso), the coach decided to take a rest of the 86-go Ttriel, and unfortunately passed the qualifications of the victory.

The six-game half school team walked without stopping the city, and the House of House came to a second base to beat, and the Ruifera’s aquatable sent back Haosso, hit the fifth point of this game. Fortunately, Singdgard suddenly fell steady when she was out of the way, first, three Vibesco Mejia, and then let the Alex Dickerson hit the flying ball, did not let the injury continued to expand .

In the seven games, taking advantage of the priest team, and the metropolis will open a round of attack. 2 guaranteed 3 security coups plus a high-flying sacrifice, and finally let Nimes, the second base of the left foreign field direction returned to the origin, and the metropolis 5-5 chased. Craig Stammen three vibrates Todd Frazier, allowing metropolis to freeze on the strip. The nine games will continue to show their striking toughness, facing the Adam Warren, Kanana hits, the best newcomers, the best newcomers, the best newcomers of last month, the left field The large number of two-bit home running metropolis will be scored in 7-5. The next half of the nine bureaus will be close to Diaz (EDWIN DIAZ), although it has fallen a point and let the priests form a full base, Diaz shows his body under the tension of the base. For the top terminus of the big heart, first, the three vibrates, let the Buddha hit the roast of the guerrilla direction, and eventually, the event will be defeated at 7-6 to defeat the priest at 7-6, and pull the series.


Both parties:

New York Most

First stick left outer wilder Jeff – McNeil (Jeff Mcneil)

Second Bar Guardian Amed Rosario (Amed Rosario)

Third stick Bayer Robinson-Kano (Robinson Cano)

The fourth stick is a base, Peter Alonso,

Fifth rod right wilder Michael Conforto

Sixth Capture Wilson – Wilson Ramos

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Brandon Nimmo

Eighth sticks Todd Frazier

Ninth stick, Nova Schndergaard)

San Diego priest

The first stick is two bases, Ian Kinsler

The second stick right wilder Franmil Reyes

Third stick guerrilla Manni Machado (Manny Machado)

The fourth stick, Eric Hosmer, Eric Hosmer

The fifth rod left outer wilder Hunter Renfroe

Sixth Bar Thai – France

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Will Miles (WIL MYERS)

Eighth Bar Catcher Francisco – Francisco Mejia

Ninth Bar Pitcher Carl – Teller (Cal Quantrill)

Looking tomorrow:

In the event of the final war of the three consecutive war before tomorrow, he will give the first person to the first person who has just traded by the reason why the round-visualty is tired.