Miami sings the senior terminator Romo Yangji famous franchise team member counsel

According to JP’s official website, Miami Madolin has signed a 1-year worth $ 2.5 million in Sergio Romo. Contract also contains incentive clauses.

Elderly auxiliary young people, send horses

Michael Milin Fish Baseball Operator Michael Hill said earlier in an interview, the team will consider introducing an experienced post-help pitcher, with a young back aid pitcher such as Dru-Steve ( Drew Steckenrider, Adam Conley and Tayron Guerrero form a new season team’s cowshed.

Romo is about 36 years old next month. In 2008, he represents the San Francisco Giant, and the core member of the giant cowshed has got the 2010, 2012, 2014 three-year world series competition, 2013 season Entry all stars.

On this season, Romo has been in the big alliance to crawling 11 seasons, and the occupational career points points 2.86, the record is 38 wins and 31 negatives.

Last season he also passed the opening pitcher in Tampawan, and the team created “unveiling” tactics. Romo’s best position in the rays or on his familiar support pitcher and terminator. During his light effectiveness, he blame 3.88, and 9.8 times per nine, it can be sent 2.3 times, and the manufacturing roll rate is 34.3%.

Romo is still in, changing the stadium or newborn

For now Romo, it is a very big problem for being hit. From the rolling earth rate of his manufactured, he is an extremely flying ball pitcher, with an average of the 9 games to be hit by 1.47 support. However, the pressure of his
pitching has not been recession. At present, she still maintains 13% of the spending rate, which can reach one-third of the ratio of the opponent’s bad ball.

After he came from the light to the national association, the face of the player faced some – especially after the macaro, the large field of the Marin fishball field can effectively manufacture a lot of far-reaching flying ball out (in the United States) The tall court will become a home running), so that every nine games in the new season will fall, and the overall pitching results will be more ideal.

In the spring training, Mo Mo, the position of Romo, Steve Ledel and Greor Competition team, including the probability of the team’s terminator.

Last year, he had successfully rescued the radiance, and the total rescue success of the career was 109 times. And the other two new people can set the fire fire in the game, and the situation in which the competition is settled and the winning will be successfully transitioned to the ninth.

If the new season is excellent in the position of the Terminator of the Marin, then he is not working in the team.

Although Romo is very uncomfortable in the free player market during the racing – Minnesota Shuangcheng and Dezhou City, only willing to open a small alliance contract, Toronto Bluebird is interested in him, but late There is no action in Qi – once you go to the middle of the season, the demand for the excellent cowshed pitcher has increased.

Before the transaction deadline, Marlin fish can make Romo as a bargain to the crown to compete for high prices. Considering that the army competition in Guandong District is quite serious, the Maruli has no chance to stand out from the middle, so this summer will sell the players in their hands to exchange the potential to the rookie, with the future to come to Dongshan.

Yangji Fame Ji Ji Ji Malin Fish Jet Girl

At the same time, in accordance with the official website, Marinfish “expects” Jorge Posada), which will hire the New York Yangji ‘s Senior Capture. The specific responsible work of Posada is still unknown.

The player’s era Posada is the legendary catcher of New York Yangji. In 1990, Wa Sada was originally selected. In 1995, he got the Great League in 1995, and he got 5 World Series Championship (1996, 1998-2000, 2009).

He and DEREK JETER, Andy Pettitte made a team of four cores (Core 4), Yang The glory of the 21st century at the end of the 20th century has made an indelible contribution.

He was selected for 5 times, and he got 5 silver bat awards. It is a recognized strong catcher in the alliance. In 2011, the wave Sadda hanging boots, ended his 17-year career. Yangli retired his 20th jersey number on August 22, 2015.

After retiring, the banda lives in the Miami area. The daily life of Sadda in the hanging boots is very low, rarely participate in the Baseball event of the big alliance. However, according to the report of the Boston Global News, Posada has been with the old teammates – the CEO of Marin fish is very close.

At present, he will be officially served in the Marin fish team, but his role is still to be observed.