Media broke the news, Riihanna has been pregnant, the small abdomen is obvious, the fans are ridiculed: Enshid is broken

Text / Bask

Recently, a number of media reported that 33-year-old Rihanna was pregnant. For Rihana, she is an artist. For her, many people know that she is close to NBA. For example, Rihanna is James’s hardcore fan, many times appeared in the stadium, her favorite of James, fans are also clear. There is also that the goddess of Entbide is Rihanna. In those years, Entabo has not yet been named today, it is white over Rihanna on the Internet, naturally no response. After all, people are big stars.

Today, Rihanna is also pregnant. According
to foreign media reports, “Rihanna and my boyfriend a $ ap Rocky will usher in their first child, and the two have fallen more than a year. Yesterday, Barbados participated in the motherland became an independent Republic celebration, Dress skirts are obvious, triggering fans. “

After that, the entertainment media “Mtonews” will later prove that Rihanna is pregnant! For 2 people, the relationship is more than 1 year, but? 2 people announced or in May this year, and now only 7 months. This is still very concerned. The same, as a fan, for such a thing, is also happy. Because this is her own choice.

After that, about the boyfriend of Rihanna, the rumors on the Internet have come, many people want to know, who is she? Who is she? In this regard, according to the news on the network, “A $ aprocky is a singer, famous record producer, music video director, fashion wind, pen name Flacko. Born in New York in New York, the original rakimmayers, the singer Hand, it is worth paying attention to it. In 2011, the first album was in 2011, and there was no praise now. Longlivea $ AP 2013 firing, at the time of the announcement list. “

Have to say, professional, praise on the Internet is still very high. but? Personal life, it doesn’t seem to be. Because, his personal feelings are also very rich. Even, if you change your girlfriend, you will be as fast as you change your clothes. Such a boyfriend is also a slightly worried manner. However, for Rihanna, her own choice, I have all the ability to afford it.

However, Rihana’s happiness, it is ridiculous for fans. After all, Rihanna is a person who has a certain connection with NBA, especially, in many people, she is associated with Enabide. Although, most people know that she is nothing to with God. but? Many people think that Rihanna is pregnant now, so will hear, will he be sad, heartbreaking? This is indeed very interesting. As a fan, there will be something to this.

This is no suspense. As a fan, it will continue to pay attention. For example, the next game will not have to rush? Take this to show your emotions? and many more. These are things that can guess. However, it is necessary to wait for Enshid to fight, and if there is no battle, everything is just guess. After all, Entabad is certainly not so fragile, but the impact of emotions should still be objective.

The media broke the news that Rihana has been pregnant, the small belly is obvious, the fans are ridiculed: Enshid is heartbroken. It is certain that Enshid should not be heartbroken, after all, he also has a beautiful girlfriend, and 2 people love crystallization, life is happy.