Mahms draft: Siyanqi is not the chief, just need to coach Reed Hui 眼 玉

From their first time I saw Patrick Mahomes, the Chief of Kansas City, Kansas City, knew that they had to get this quarter. Mahmus seems to have a strong and accurate arm, and there is a very few people who can have football quartz. With further understanding of Mahms, this feeling of the chief is getting stronger.

This is the case, when Mahmus announced in 2017, it will leave the Texas University of Technology to enter the NFL draft, the demand for four-point guard is not so urgent. They have a trustworthy old quartz, Alex Smith, helping the chief to enter the playoffs four times in five years, win the Melanie District championship twice. And Smith has just participated in the professional bowl a few months before the draft (the monopth season after the draft, Smith is also selected for professional bowls).

In the 2016 season, Smith came out of 3502 yards before the 2017 draft show, and the hit rate was 67%. However, the chief saw an opportunity to upgrade the team through the selection of THOMS, and it is not enough to block the future blueprint of the Chief Planning of Smith. So the chief from the original No. 27 draft sign, I have been traded to the 10th time to choose a draft sign, so I get the first to get Mahms. At the time, the other teams of NFL did finance the Jie Kong practice, but I was happy to see the chief gambling.

“Such a player can not occur often.” John Dorsey, John Dorsey, said: “So when you see this player, you must try it, so when you see this player. We do this. “

“Wealth” magazine is very pleasant. This year, Mahmos has led the chief of the United States for two consecutive years, as the top 2 seeds participated in the playoffs, and continuously entered the United States. Local time this Sunday, they will take the town arrow, and compete with Tennessee Titan’s higher chance to enter the super bowl.

But ironically, in the history of the church, they have been careful when they choose four-point guard. Their most daring transactions took a quarter-free investment in 1993, and the 4th Super Bowl Champion Joe-Montana traded to Kansas City. However, Montana was 37 years old. He announced his retirement after two seasons in the chief.

In addition, the common four-defense transactions of the chief is those who are abandoned by other teams, or the other team’s substitute quarter-off. Even the best quartz-bonards of the Emirates, the Len Dawson, which may be selected, and after the other two teams are depressed, they have joined the chief.

Before Mahms, the chief was only selected in 1964 (Pitt Pisad), 1979 (Steve Fouler) and 1983 (Tod Blackley) used the first round of four quarters. guard. As of 2017, the chief has not used the first round sign for 34 consecutive times. Only the New Orleans Saints are longer than they insist on the first round.

However, Mahmus is a deep emirate, not only Dorpsi and the head coach Andy Rid (Andy Reid), but also received their scout, including the Personnel Brett – Viqi (Brett) Veach’s favorite. After two months of the election conference, Viqi took the new general manager in Dorcy.

“Everyone likes this guy.” Reed talked about Marhms and said: “We really can’t find people who don’t like him. Before we choose this child, we have a deep in-depth. Everyone likes this child, likes everything, likes he how to create his career, like him to play the way. Not every year, I am very simple, but this player will not have every year. “

Viqi is able to replace Dal West after the end of the draft conference, it is the work of his full heart to the Monographing Mahomus. “I think he is the best quarterfield in the election.” Diqi said in the first year of the year, in addition to Mahms, the first round of Mitchell, Tubski (Mitchell) Deshaun Watson. “There is no doubt that I think this is a very impatuation decision.”

Of course, Mahms came to the chief need to adapt to the Attack of Occupation. He is a pass attack tact in Texas University of Technology and is not the same now, so he takes time to adapt, but this is the part of the chief plan. Let Smith started the first year, let Mahmus learn to learn from the next year, this is the plan of the chief in the night.

“Now, Patrick is not fully ready.” Reed said in the election night: “He still has a lot of work to do. He has the opportunity to study with Alex Smith, this is a way to improve his experience, He will learn our offensive tactics, so please keep him patience. Of course, now he is still a ‘finished product’, but he has a big potential waiting for us to develop, I think he can adapt to attack. He It is a great player, which is very talented, and the technology is also good. I think he has the opportunity to become a great player in the history of the chief. “

Now, Mahmems is really a treasure, but this jade may only have a chief discovery at the time.