Live treasure gallery! Air practice shooting + dream run, the warrior is not involved, too will touch the fish

Warriors 16 wins and 2 losses, the first position of the League, the sun is 14 consecutive winning still can’t surpass the Warriors, it can be seen that the competitiveness of the Warriors is very reliable. They have the pressure of the chasing by the sun, and they will reverse it in the game yesterday. 76 people won 5 consecutive victories, the Warriors can show competitiveness this season, in addition to their
team, there is also the driving of Curry, as a change in the shooter, Curry is the Warriors death five small system Best core, just as a super star and team leader, the live treasure characteristics of Curry is indeed unheasten, it is no wonder that I have been sent to the “spout” flower name, live a lot of live treasure on the court.

There are many live treasures in the Curry, and the powerful arrival of the warriors is not involved. It actually in the game, it is open to the treasure. If you are not a super-star library, it is not the best player of the warrior, I am afraid that the library is in the game. Sub-play, believe that the coach of the League 29 team is angry, and only Koer is the maximum degree. Let’s show the same innocent in the game, such as Yesterday Warriors and 76 people, the end of the end 4 minutes, the Warriors lead 76 people 9 points, really don’t, there is no sense of urgency, during the offensive of the Warriors, the Curi station is at the bottom of the opponent, and the warrior is chasing dreams. Do not stop the ball under the organization, trying to find a good offensive opportunity.

In short, Curry is not intended to run, but standing in the bottom corner, continuous air shooting, not stopping the shooting posture, and the body shake is like a rhythm of dancing, which makes the opponent speechless, then slowly Skating moves away from the library, during this period, the library is in the air shooting, but the 24 second attack of the Warriors will enter the last 10 seconds, the library is still running out, then there is a single-handed Weight of Wingks only It can put down the insulation cup, and the Wigkins will be in the cover of the dream after leaving the space halfway, and chooses to kill the penalty area.

Of course, the Curry is worthy of the super star. When Vilins began to enter the penalty area, Cebul, who was originally staring in the anti-library, had no matter in the library, Curry is also the opportunity to move to 45 degrees three-line mobile, and 10 The second time can be used to meet the Vilins’ ball, and the vacancy is three-point shooting. Since Virkins put down the insulation cup, as the stars of the champion, the Vilins single knife straight into a decisive 2 + 1, see Vikins The goalkeeper stopped a little, then embedded a treasure, the fantasy run is completely shocked, this running posture is too blame, let the fans feel that the game is playing in the game, you are not In the game, you are purely playing, too will touch the fish.

Curry is in the game, even if the team is in organizing attack, the Curre is not involved, and some interesting movements are carried out from the country, the air shooting and dream run are one of them, now the library The camera is 100% hammered fish, but Cole is in addition to laughing, I am afraid I am too lazy to correct the library, and I will not go to the criticism, because the Tour time of the Cook, actually the time to keep the feel, Otherwise, Kuri is going to make an air shooting movement continuously?

Dream run is just the behavior of the Turki, because the Warriors organize the continuous transmission of the ball, teammates are running to find space, only Kuri standing in the same place, after the run, the library always is hot, so the library In the use of exaggerated running movements, it can be seen that you feel that the library feels that he is really touching the fish. In fact, the Luti is just let the opponent relax. Because you can never see the library in the defense Touching the fish, although the defense of the library is not the top level of the league, this is the Warriors’ Curry, is a live treasure, but also the star of the stars.