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The modular platform has become a hot noun in the automotive market in recent years. The Volkswagen is the farthest road, and the MQB modular platform believes that the friends interested in the car have earned, and the 90% of the 90% mass brand new cars running on China Road are currently from this horizontal. Set the engine modular platform. However, MQB is mainly targeted by economical or pure household vehicles. To impact higher-end markets, it has to rely on longitudinal engine modular platform (MLB), and our protagonist today is the mass high-end sedan of this platform rajasthan royals latest news – – Huang. The noble giant is said to have a unusual relationship with Audi A8L and Porsche Panamera, saying that you may not believe, we will parse it today.

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Huang uses the front five-link independent suspension and the trapezoidal link independent suspension, and the Audi A6L hanging combination is basically the same, and the Audi logo can be seen everywhere on the Huang chassis assembly, and most of them are imported accessories from Germany. .

It is well known that the maximum advantage is highly universal of the components for the model of the modular platform. For the minimum price of only 349 million yuan, it is possible to use a lot of technology and parts from Porsche and Audi to greatly improve the quality of Huang’s model. It can be said that after Phaetan is discontinued, Huang has completely passed the banner of Phaeton “Volkswagen Luxury Sedan”, and the overall models can even be comparable to Porsche and Audi’s same-level models, “close relative” relationship Return.

The so-called luxury cars not only go out of their own hardware, but the care of the details is the largest essence of the luxury car. The details of the Volkswagen Huang have been built more, European hundred years olive white wax, NAPPA custom calfs and other high-end materials to create the car space, the automatic four-district air conditioning system and the rear car refrigerator are the signature of the administrative car Equipment, you can find it on Volkswagen.

As a luxury car exclusive MLB platform, luxury technology is naturally a dazzling, Volkswagen Huang is equipped with an ACC adaptive cruise system, lane deviation alarm system, pre-collision safety system, blind zone monitoring, intelligent parking assist, HUD flat display The latest technology equipment such as the system, especially the HUD flat display system is also rare even in the Audi brand model.

After China has become the world’s largest luxury car consumption market, major manufacturers have a tiger. For leaders of China’s car consumption – Volkswagen also hopes that there is a model to pick up the luxury banner after Phaeton is discontinued, and the noble Huang is a model, which can be obtained with low prices. Audi equivalent quality, I believe that there are many consumers who need luxurious character and pursue cost-effective.

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