Last season, the race is strongly competed to collapse Rociki Leaven Frand to small alliance

When the Colorado Squad Left Pitcher, Kyle Freeland returned from AAA, he would return to the killing of the rock, the killing of the quarter team last year? The Rocky team decided to decease this season on Friday. This season is a pitcher who has been sentenced to two people last year. The left pitcher who got the fourth place in the National Alliance Ceremourcing ticket was obviously not concerned. Now he Just want to invest more better than this season’s bleak.

“I won’t try to copy last year’s results, it is a bit too far away from me.” This season has achieved 2 wins in 12 consecutive hair this season, and the points of self-sharing is as high as 7.13, and even being played up to the country. The 16th horn beats, and Flander said in an interview. “After you go, I will learn, learn more about my own technical characteristics, learn more about the entire baseball game. I will come back, become a better person, become a better athlete, change Be a better pitcher. “

In the afternoon, Luoqui pace in the Arizona Route Snake, Luoji team won 11-10 tenth game in the tenth game. However, Fritland, which came first, once again handed over a bad performance, only 3 bureaus was smashed and lost 5 points. The consequences of early retreat is the cowshed, which makes the Rociji team decided to put him and another foreign country, so that the number of lineup places will give up the laundering.

“Honestly, I think this thing (referring to being decentralized) should have happened earlier.” After the Great League in 2017, it was always at this level, which was the first time Flander was first decentralized. Daniel Murphy is also very supportive of this rock brand last year. This hique says “I will feel very comfortable, I will watch his eyes and tell him, I want to give you the ball every five days, because I trust him.” But he also said any status adjustment It’s not his business, it also watched the meaning of the coach.

For the Rocky coach group, they think that Fri Lan’s pitching mechanism is a bit wrong. Therefore, their mechanism they fine-tun makes him more comfortable to lower the ball and control the two corners of the good ball, while allowing him to make his quick ball with speed faster speed difference. However, this fine-tuning may be better in the small alliance, so they put him off. With the help of cowshed coaches, Flante tried to put his shot down, and this is also one of his many attempts to speed up the pitching and let his spending point reach the correct position.

The overall coach Black Black has not decided that it will come to the top of Grigago in Chicago, who will face the Chicago Bear next Tuesday, and he or Flander has not disclosed those planning after the following. “Overall, we will try to adjust and improve this idea together. This adjustment will benefit the short-term and long-term in the short period of time. In the following, he has the opportunity to try and adjust it, some There is no way to adjust in the big alliance level. For him, this is a chance to get a step and get a breath, and I have never doubted it at all for him. “

The decentralization of Fri Lank also means that Colorado has put their opening war in two consecutive seasons. Last year’s opening ceremony Jonathan Gray was also dried up in June last year, and after returning, he also returned to 5 wins and 2 losses in the remaining 14 first hair. The smooth performance of 4.37. Frand and Gray say they will communicate.

“For Flander, I don’t worry, I know that he will adjust. I just want to determine that he will not look too heavy. He must find it back, return to the state last year, This will help the team win. “Gray said. “Don’t let the anger that is decentralized, you have to figure out the current situation and how to solve it. Just find the solution is good, about the other thousands of strange survey? Let’s go.