Lakers’ news update: Indicate fans are subsequently processed, and Ate is optimistic about winning, and the official will be dedicated

In the game of the Lakers, there is a fan of the fans because it is improper speech, and it is “reported”
and eventually expelled. According to the US media Sharms Chardia, the two players are expected to be banned by life ban or face any additional consequences:

“The fans were expelled” NBA spokesperson Mike Bath due to violation of NBA Players. “

James is in the game to the referee “Report” fans, and the two fans are finally expelled. However, this is the only game of the Lakers’ walk from the contest this season, so the “dialogue” before this season James and the pedestrian fans have been over, and the pedestrians and Lakers are not too likely in total. The finals in the finals.

On the other hand, the Lakers’ players Ci Shiping said in social media that he still believes that the Lakers will be the team that can take the championship trophy:

At present, this lake is uncomfortable. In addition to the injury of the team, there is no problem between the chemical response between the players and the two ends of the attack and defense. That is, the Lakers still have a very good talent team, and they may also find solutions in the remaining competitions this season and eventually play a good enough record.

Finally, what is needed is that the Lakers congratulate the team’s legendary monk in the official twice: Happy birthday:

Chik Hene has died in 2002, but the Lakers can also express tribute to this legendary explanation through official twitches.