Jiang Weizheng took a group with He Xiaoyu: Come on, China’s overseas football army partners!:Indian news

Live Bar November 11th Today, the Yangshi player Jiang Weisheng took a photo with another leafy player He Xiaoyu.

The 22-year-old Jiang Weizhong Division front-garde, side guards, who have played Ukraine, Portugal, Slovenia League, Summer 2019 He joined Croatia-League Cuostoria, Join Slovak Klovakia, Slovak, Ratov. 17-year-old team leader He Xiaoyu, joining the Spanish Vadr U19a this summer, which is not 18 years old, and it is not allowed to participate in the Cheap Soccer Jersey highest level of 19-year-old Youth League in Spain – Spain Honor League.

Jiang Shengwei took the photo with He Xiaoyu and other people in Weibo and introduced:

“There are two weeks after the end of the half season, I decided to go to Spanish skewers, see some Chinese players and friends there, of course, I also have to watch the Champions League and La Liga.

In Spain feels that the Atlantic quarter is warm, the football atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula is really great, competition is also very intense. Several domestic players here, not only in the life, language stress, but also compete with the same level of players, will be pressed on the cold bench. A large number of American players landed in Spain because of language advantages, and they can find a place in all kinds of clubs, but Asian players have to rush out in such an atmosphere, more than others pay more.

I am very happy to see Chinese players who seek dreams like me in a foreign country. I talked to them about the various encounters in the team. I felt that I would also cherish the position of the club now, I can get the European club and The recognition of teammates is really hard, I believe that more and more Chinese players can do it.

Next, return to Slovakia, continue to pursue your dreams, Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseywork hard to higher goals! Come on, the partners of China’s overseas football legmas! “

(Nanling crying)

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