Is the Rocket first 5 tigers still not fixed? Sierrass promises to continue to go, the center That is not forgotten

Beijing time November 26, today NBA has no competition, tomorrow’s Rockets still have a rest time, to Beijing time on November 28th, the Rockets will still sit in the main court to usher in another Eastern enemy – Charlotte Human . At present, the Hormed team is the 5th in the eastern part of the 12th and 8-losses, and they have achieved 2 consecutive victories, three goals, Bridges and Haido, and this team is also expected to become Eastern black horses, although their overall strength does not go to the championship.

But the Houston Rockets dealt with the western spot seem to be more than enough. However, the Rockets have just defeated the Bulls of the Eastern Eastern China, and hosted the second victory this season. The adjustment of Serless’s first lineup is one of the reasons for the Rockets defeated the Bulls. Sierras made Wood to change the center, let Titter have served as a big front, and Gordon has served as a small forward, and the defender continued to partner from small ports and Jaylin.

The previous main strikes were honent in the case without signs, and he did not even get a second time. When Serless talks about the reasons for deprecating Tes, it is straightforward because the 19-year-old Shenjing performance is very good, this only discards Tes. So since the Rockets can defeat the Bulls in such a lineup, in the future game, Selas will not continue to discard Tes, and reuse Wood + Shenjing’s center combination?

At present, it is not the case, Tets did not be “forgotten” by Serless, but Sierrat revealed in the interview, in his eyes, the Houston Rockets did not have a fixed starting lineup mode. Salas said that the Rockets will arrange the first 5 people according to the opponent, and he has also hoped that the young Rocket team can flexibly adjust the first lineup to “adapt to the opponent”.

That is, whether it is Tsis or Shen
Jing or even House, these players can all be returned to the starting line in the future, because the opponent is different, Selas will make different choices and adjustments to the starting lineup. . I heard this, I don’t know if Daniel, Tissa, who has lost the main position, will not loose a breath, after all, Sierras didn’t tell the death, although the front set of starting lineup made the Rockets small winning Bulls, but if the future When the team with a tall center, Tes may not use Wu Zhi, he has not given up by the Rocket.

Sierrass will continue to change according to the opponent, this is also a player who chases the Rockets. This 30-year-old famous center is also the object of the Rockets. There is no doubt that this statement has increased the enthusiasm of the Rocket players, and the winning of the Rockets and even a rebuild is a good harmony.