How to stimulate the best status of the player? Saint-owner’s actual action tells you

In the 2018 season, the New Orleans Saint Team was quite good at the field, and the country was locked in advance, and the results of 13-3 were quite successful. This week, the head coach Sean Pedon and the Saint team were in the first battle of the Philadelphia Eagle’s playoffs.

Monday, Shawn Pedon with three full-deputy armed struggles, 225,000 US cash, a super bowl trophy and a super bowl ring into the team meeting room, he hopes to give players more power in this way . Honor add money, which is really the best way to motivate players. In fact, according to the labor agreement, this money represents if the Saints will win the super bowl all the way, and the players will receive a $ 201,000 bonus.

“The guys here have earned a lot, but you rarely see 250,000 dollars in front of the cash, this is very attractive.” Saint team runs to Mark Engram, “” Longbadad Cup is in front Super bowl ring next to it, add a pile of banknotes, it looks a bit funny. But we understand what we should do, go to win the game. “

It is worth mentioning that Pelton has used similar “tactics” when leading the Saints in 2009. At that time, he followed him to win the superb bowl. There were three people in the team. “This is undoubtedly an incentive.” Of course, we will fight for the championship. But when the trophy and bread (money) are placed together, we are more hot, this is more Mobilization method. “Defensive Dragonfly Sherlton – Lankins added:” If you have a big ticket in front of you, everyone will be excited, I think I am one of them. “

Money Tactics was originally disclosed by lawyers in the Saints team, and later the players also confirmed this. “We all know what is the most important thing.” The defensive end of Alex-Okafu said: “I want no one in the dressing room, no one is not eager for the super bowl, but when you see them, you will be absolutely instantly Ignite you. Silver shiny trophy

For so many years, Pedton always uses some alternatives and even a wonderful incentive tactics. For example, put a mouse clip around the court, warning the player “cheese”, but pay attention to the trap. He also deliberately dressed as Bill Bilchk, to give the players to simulate the analog report. “This is the expression of Sean Pelton, we all feel very cool.” Saint defended Thaler-Davidson said.

In addition to these small tricks, the players also emphasize that Pedon is more good at planning professional tactics to deal with Sunday’s eagle. “Sean just wants everyone, especially young people, know what our goal is, how is this opportunity this year is not easy.” Drew Bris said: “Every game is the most important At each game, we are treated this year. When we really entered the playoffs, some people will have questions, ‘Now is the play time, then what is the difference between preparing? ‘Now they know. “

Pedton is not only a tactical ghost on the court. It is also a set of yourself. For the sake of honor, for money, the Saint team lays an impact toward the second super bowl.

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