He is the NFL legend athlete, 42-year-old year salary of 20 million US dollars, career 6 won the super bowl of championship

For China’s Chinese sports fans, the most powerful sports events in the United States are NBA. In fact, this is the view of China’s sports fans, in the US football is their first big sport, but it is reported that the annual superb bowl finals It is a lot of Americans’ festivals. At that time, many people were also deliberately fake in order to watch this game, so rugby is the most successful business alliance in the United States.

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The American Rugby Professional League has a long history. In 1902, they began to build a rugby professional league, and 32 teams at that time, occupying all the continents of the United States, and broadcasting the professional football league to the audience in 50 years. In front of them, they also brought a lot of business opportunities. The 69-year super bowl was born. This is the Spring Festival Evening in Americans. Total 100 million people have seen the superb bowl finals at the time, and it is reported that more than 1,700 people have been over. Excitation can only be resting at australia international students news today home.

The American Rugby League is very influenced in the United States. In the NBA representative, the character is Michael Jordan, and the Super Bowl League also has its own representative. That is Braddy, he is a NFL legend athlete, career 6 wins the super bowl of champion. Some people say that Braddy is like NBA James, in fact, Braddy is obviously more winning, but James, James, James, to take out several streets in personal assets.

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This season James’s annual salary is $ 35 million, while Braddy’s annual salary is only 20 million US dollars, although the annual salary is larger than James, but he is in the football game. James’s only 34 years old, and Brady has been 42 years old this year, many people say that they can get 20 million annual salary in 42 years old.

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The Rugby Professional League has high influence in the United States, but it is still more than NBA in the world, because NBA promotion is obviously greater than its promotion, and the overall income of NBA players is also above it. NBA’s players participated in the game, and the strength of the rugby game is larger than NBA, but they only play 16 games a year. If the income of each game is divided, Braddy is still more than James.

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Maillot New England Patriots