He is a baseball born in the football strong country will now return to Yangji to the important champion puzzle.

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DIDI! This is not a alarm, nor is it a travel software. Since June, New York Yangjijie reported, not only the record is stable to the top of the United States, the low-chip transaction has been strong, and the “strange man” Stanton and “judge” Jiaqi’s injury is returned. In the season, I opened a battle to fight against crown mode. In fact, in the hurt of Yangji, the first guerrilla dendy-Gregusus returned to the Yangji difficult to estimate help.

Baseball guy born with football strong country

Didi’s name is not literally so funny, his full name is Marquez https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com – Juliz – Graygius, when he went to the United States after adult, a lot of teammates couldn’t read his name, I had to take the nickname Good name, as for his nickname “Didi” did not have much practical significance, but the father’s nickname was also called Didi.

Dark skin, the name of the mouth is mistaken to say that he is from Africa or Brazil, but in fact he is born in the “National Wind Motion”, “Tuli National”, Football Strong Netherlands, Amsterdam. In the 1990s, while playing the Amsterdam baseball team, Johannes, with the carpenter, with the Dutch women’s baseball team, the husband playing baseball, wife playing, a pair of small white balls as a career In 1990, a boy was born, and the baseball talent was brought by Didi.

If you have been staying in the Netherlands, I maybe Didi will become the main side https://www.mlbdrakterno.com guards of Ajax and the Netherlands national team in the green field, and Di Di is moving to the Caribbean Small Guo Ruso, there is a sun beach. The palm is a group of small islands, more importantly, Kura?ao loves to play baseball, with Didi grows in Kura?ao, there is currently the guerrilla in Andreton, Simons, Shuangcheng Team two bases Jonanon Sku and Sports Wilderner Jolixon – Prossa.

The father will put the strict protective net around an idle bungalow, and the end of the room has become Didi’s child’s blowing practice, which makes him soon master the point of the left hand blow, maybe he and Without horror, the power of hitting, pure and comprehensive hitting skills are practicing from urination.

After the hour, Didi can play two bases and pitcher. Many teams hope that Didi will be a pitcher. Didi’s own willingness is https://www.b2bshopp.com the second base, because he hopes to play a game every day, until 16 years old Didi and Dad The same amateur baseball team appeared, people realized that Didi is already mature enough, it is time to challenge the US stadium.

After several trading, the transaction is finally joined “evil empire”

In 2006, Didi participated in the U-18 youth in the Hague, and the sailors and priests hoped to sign and sent them to the Dominica league to continue to exercise, but the red people are willing to Stay in the United States, this is very touched Didi. The 17-year-old Didi and the Red Squad sign the small alliance contract, officially challenge the agency.

Didi and brother Xiao Johannes challenged the small alliance, my brother was difficult to compete in the pitch of the small alliance in a short three years, and Didi’s first year was equally downtre, but then Didi watched nephritis, Conquer the Australian League, step by step and finally reached the level of the big league of the major alliance at the age of 23.

Didy of the red man

Didy of the red man

The red people’s talent system is a juri-Kazaki, which has no superstar potential. At that time, Didi was hard to get an opportunity, and then in a three team trading, Didi was packaged. Arizona Snake.

In mid-April 2013, Didi represented the first pre-president of the snake, he put the ball on the right field, and the first bombard of its big league career, it is, this is the place where the dream begins, and the future Achievements – New York Xinyangji Stadium.

Due to the “Silver Cove Award” of the Sail Snake team, Didi, who has just been traded to the snake, has got a large number of play opportunities, in 2013, 80 games in 2014, until 24 years old, Di There is no potential that there is no potential, and there is a wonderful skill, but the low-level mistakes are too many, but the low-level mistakes can only be called ” “, Adjectives such as” superstar “or” success “are still the difference.

At the end of the 2014 season, the Golden Yuan Empire in the Atlantic Coast has just bid farewell to the meritorious captain Delhi-Kit, the guerrilla position is to be tuned. At this time, the general manager of Yangji Bryan Kashman made a three team trading. Didid came to “Big Apple” by the deal, but the people in the world believe that Didi’s ordinary players went to Yangji, just playing, sooner or later, will be eliminated.

In the 2015 season, Didi became the first first-ranking guerrilla, although only the ninth stick, April and May Didid’s hits only. 222, and 6 crises occurred Mistakes, the total coach of the life and death, Joe Gillari casts trust tickets.

Didi joined the

Didi joined the “evil empire”

Two months, Didi offensive and defense of stabilized mentality has a comprehensive upgrade, although the strike data is “flattened and untrusted ancient sky music”, but Didi’s three-vibration rate is only 14.7%, which is a very patience. The garment is nominated as a candidate for the Mennang guerrilla gold glove prize, although the final fall, but this makes Didi to basically sit track of Yangji’s first guerrilla.

Didi is like the “Wall Street Wolf” male protagonist Jordan Belford, who came to New York this magical place, the little person achieved a big dream, and their ambitions were not worth it.

3 years ago Didi welcomes outbreak

Standing in 2016, Yangji was in the third game in 2013 and 2014, and then in 2015, the United States, the United States, and was defeated by the space man, and 2016, the old Dragon Bell’s Yangji is old. They did not crazy waving checks, so the record line decline, and the season in the season is rare to the seller. The people in the team must be in the end of the day, as if the baseball empire will be collected overnight, in addition to objective giving Alon Young people, such as Jiaqi and Gary Sanchez, have grown opportunities, and this year is almost indispensable.

The other end of the city, compared to the pleasant Amsterdam and the sunny Kura?a, the cold and humid New York makes Didi have not too many belongings, but Didi brushed from the landing window of the Empire Building, the whole New York grand style, as if The whole world is under his feet, which is very easy to inspire a young man’s conquest. He vowed to be the guardian of the city. First of all, he wants to be a leader of the baseball “Mecca Holy Land”.

Talking about “Yangji Captain” Drek Kit, Didi said: “The Qangji Captain does not have anyone, but I am me.”

It is full of small people who look for dreams in the world metropolis in New York. Every day, every day is also staged average of ordinary people to achieve dreams, and the small actors boarded the stage of Broadway, and small investors earned in Wall Street. The first bucket of gold in life. In the 2016 season, it is the season of Yangji, Didi starts from the ninth stick in the season, to the seventh stick in the season, and then go to the fifth stick in the last session, Didi’s status has a comprehensive improvement, 20 Bymer hockey 70 points, and strike all index all create a new high.

Didi’s offensive and defensive progress is remarkable, and it is more and more adapted to push. It is more comprehensive in the hit angle. As the left strike, the results of the left-vote are even less inferior to the array of right; and the crowd can quickly respond quickly, reduce the center of gravity Rolling the earth, then tailoring the ball to the first base with incredible body balance. It seems that Didiffine on the body is the muscles, the basic merits of Didi ushered in the boss.

The inner atmosphere of this season Yangji is dead, Didi is always the most full of spirit, he uses an atmosphere with a roar, hit the palm and hit a chest, in this full-time young genius, talent may be the most The mediocre Didi is like a big brother, the front of the Big Brother.

In 2017 and 2018, when the powerful army Jiaqi and Sanchez gradually greeted as the union first line superstar, Yangji glare to introduce “monster men” Stanton, but the team’s third great but “leader” Didi, he The homes raised from 25 to 27, and the rampant, the length of the length, the new high, and the defending of Didi became a thrilling person.

How much helps to the team with Didi who returned to the team?

In addition to becoming a baseball, 29-year-old Didi also has countless tags: photographers, linguists, painters, pianists, even in Nassau, have been awarded a jazz, more and more people joked him ” Di Jue Mer. ” Creative Didi seems to stimulate every inch of the body, as if enjoy life is the meaning of life, the baseball is just a seasoning, but Didi before June this year has only one goal, returning to the baseball field!

After a long-term moon, Didi’s right elbow finally overwhelmed, and did Tommy – John surgery last season, and then only eight months later, Didi announced that it will come back to the court. The wild coach Carlos-Mendoza said that I saw Didife Dragon Tiger’s status, he knew Didi’s complete ready.

At the beginning of this season, the five main force of the Saiji Walked last season: Stanton, Jiaqi, Alon Hicks, Miguel And Duhar and Didi were suffering from different degrees of injuries. Many strong players are lacking. It seems that the coaches of Benn should sing the smack of women, but they can rely on DJ Le Mei Yu and Gary-Sanchez, and Luke – Woiit, Gio Ejra, The support of “small people” such as Carmelon-Merbin, Yan Ji did not live, but the high songs fiercely grabbed the top of the United States of America, and the first record of the union of Dodge and Shuangcheng is just a short.

Didi’s strong comment at this time, the help of the Yangji is comprehensive:

– First, Didi sitting in the town guerrilla, the preparation will be more robust than 22 years old.

– Yangji string with the right bearer, Didi is the best left trick in Yangji, there is no one;

– Four major main injuries, plus the transaction of Enkaisi, if the coach of the Benn is willing to take the three-year-old two-speed gold glove RaMeai as a long-term solution, then the Yangji will discharge a nine Individuals have a homing threat to the ultra-white gold stroke.

Just in the nearest series, Yangji faces the United Jianxian old opponent spaceman, the gods of the day before yesterday let Le Mei Yu, Woit, Sanchez and Stanon have served as the top four, and the team mad 4 sent this Based on the game; yesterday’s Bunn coach made Jiaqi, Sanchez, Didi and Stanton were responsible for the first four sticks. As a result, the Yangji is two-year-old two-point gun to solve the battle, and for the main coach of Boo. As if there is no problem, there is no problem, because it is indeed important in series, but it is more hurt in the small white ball!

The latter half-season Yangji will show the attack firepower. I am afraid it is a polar form of the flying ball https://www.mlbtrojerse.com revolution. The Yangji of the residual soldiers has already slammed 126th. They have already opened 25 consecutive games, broke the 78th team. The history record of the history of 27 consecutive points is further in the history record.

In the 11th game after Didi returned, he had six “two players”. Yangji’s first guerrilla came back, and the strong left player came back. After the game, I celebrated the victory with the show. The boy is back, but more importantly, the spiritual leader of the base retired after retiring is coming back.

Yangji’s total coach Alon – Ben said: “Didi is a great talent guy, he can make everything perfect, it is an artist, there is an energy around him, he has a happy gift every day. Attractant. “

The film “Avengers 4”, the US captain Steven Rogers passed the shield to the black comrades, https://www.fanartikelsportde.com “You are the next American captain.” And the real world Ridy not only passed Delik Kit The guerrilla position, and also became a “avatar” that once captured. Of course, Didi wants to be a real successor, and there is still a long way to go.