Have you face? Beiba: Manchester United cannot only rely on C Luo once said that even Mero is useless

After returning to Manchester United today, C Roz will entered the key ball, help the team to take the score, but before Manchester United, Beelbabov believes that football is a team of sports, the Red Devil can only rely on C Luo, other players must do their own Work.

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Belbatov said: “I look forward to seeing C Luo Kickman City Deby. Everyone knows that when the team is in a difficult place, when he needs him, if he will stand up to the Atlanta competition, he will stand out to attack Key one goal. “

“However, if Manchester United Football Shirts Wholesale rely on him, and think that his magic will appear in each game, it is wrong. Football is a team of sports, everyone should communicate, from the first minute Good job. “

“You can see that Solskia will listen to C Lu Luo after the game. In the past few days, he smashed his star player as Michael Jordan, said thank you how much he can have C. Luo, but they can’t rely on C Luo every game. “

Cheap Soccer JerseyIn January 2020, Baba said in an interview that even if Messi and C Colok came to make Manchester United to be brilliant.

At that time, B is illegal to join Manchester United, and Beiba is not very optimistic about the future Chelsea Jerseyof B.

Babba said: “I have recently read a lot about him. He is not a magician, you really feel that he can let a team be able to win? Football is a team of sports, sign a person Save Manchester United, even Messi, C Ro is not. “

“Manchester United needs a team, they need to be united, solve the problem together, sometimes a good player will help you win a game, temporarily solve the trouble, but want to completely come out, you have to fight together.”

Then the performance of B fees and even C Luo is obvious.