Happy football: Kuilba takes three points

  Brazil Kuilba VS current news topics Shapekines

  Competition time: November 05, 2021 08:00

  Barzil’s 31st round, the promotion of the Board Maquilba hosted the boss of Changsha Pecinus, Can Kuireba facing the rotten Sapekines live news breaking hindi all three points? Focus on the happy football recommendation, hot recommendation record visible

  Kuireba currently ranks ninth in the 38-point league, in the Qualification Zone of the South Gold Cup, 6 points from the liberator cup, as a team that has just been upgraded from Ba B, the performance of the season can be used, close The ten games were 3 wins and 5 flat 2 losses, which were flatted with Flamenco, Sao Paulo, Bamatino, etc. Defense is very good, nearly 10 games enter the 7 goals in 8 goals. In terms of data, Queneba will make a session of 0.5 balls to win.

  Shapekines currently only ranked only 13 points in the league, 20 points from the news webcast safety zone, basically downgraded in advance; the team has played a few good balls, 1-1 Ping Sao Paulo and Balana Athletics, 2-2 Ping Mi Neuo Athletics But then return to the momentum twenty four live tv of the losing streak. Their 10 passengeries are seven, and it is basically a unintentional love war; 10 games lost 19 goals, aversion to 2 goals, defense is very bad.

  Among the past, google today Quitba has a clear advantage, basically maintaining a total wins at home; data is given to Kuier’s step 0.75 balls, the market is unchanged, some data is 0.5 pockets to the concession 0.75 ball, this is basically Reasonable scope; European data 1.65-3.75-5.00, basically matches; review, optimistic about Kuilma take three points.

  Northern single makes the ball winning recommendation: Queneba-0.5, score suggestion: 2-1, 2-0; pay attention to Xiaoyao football recommendation, hot recommendation record visible

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