Hallowe Street: Western Monster Football Competition, goalkeeper "The Skills", the referee does not understand football

“Western Devil” in the “Hallowe Street” comics, often construct a little group manner, more than one holiday dinner, the group goes to the water, the water, the weekend to go to the game hall to relax and wait. Because every time you go to the entertainment place, Nick Ethics will organize a “football” to make friends all the way!

Early Nick just wanted to be with crystal PK, did not think about the rest of the people, and after the Sixk and Crystal PK football, Lily, Mud, Mr., Mr. Ali, etc. decided to involve this, The truth has a large pressure, and it is also relatively good choice for kicking.

Nick and Crystal “Rottery Shoot”, Mr. Xiaolong and Mr. Lin are “goalkeeper”, and mud is “referee”. The first shot is crystal, crystal is a universal “unicorn”, usually with “exorcism as a work”, it is already a team, and then arrived in South Korea, not only the performance, not only the performance. Do not reduce Nick!

The crystal is very beautiful, the rate, strength, the bias is just right, if there is a goalkeeper, I will try to hit the other party, keep the crystal football is “small land”, the small land as “US zombies”, the limbs can be split, When I saw crystals, when I first shot, the small deposits were full of smiles, and they were very victory to exercise “an arm” to block the ball!

After reading the wave of the small land, the crystal also deeply helpless, and claimed that “Chelsea Jerseysmall deposit foul”, heard the crystal said that the small departments were led, Nick’s arbitrary station came out to refute the crystal. Nick claims that “the small deposit is only separated by the limbs, but Mr. Lin is exercising the body to block the gates”, and even if the crystal is foul! “

The two sides were delayed, as the mud blast whistle Kits Football Kits of the referee, and took out the yellow card to warn the Nick, when I saw the yellow card of the mud, Nick declared that I didn’t do anything. Originally the mud whit lost the yellow card, it was not a nick foul, but because Nick blocked to the mud look Lily, I learned that the referee’s wonderful role, Nick didn’t take a moment!

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As a “referee”, the mud is not just the confidentiality of justice, but it has always been running with Lily. Seeing the mud has been with myself, Lily reports that mud should not always run. Because of the situation of Lily, mud without staying, as well as the player’s foul environment, Nick offside mud did not see, since the mud Lionel messi Jersey did not pay attention, natural will not whistle!

See why the mud is in a brother, why did the crystal arbitrarily deduct Nick whistle, and the mud is not seen, but “the foundation does not understand football”, we know that the mud foundation does not understand football, crystal simply The mud is tied to “mummy”, and the mud is lost to the side, and the crystal will follow the referee, and the competition will continue!

The mud will therefore be tied to “mummy”, thoroughly, so I am tied to the mud, so I can say “rest assault”, wait for them to end the natural will help you . Chen Tong Window feels the end of the competition, only crystal does not give mud aunt, tied to Mummy as a punishment, but it doesn’t matter!

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