Guangxi 7th "Thousand Mile Cup" Youth Campus Football League (Middle School Group) ended

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  Liuzhou high school men won the championship. Liyuanyuan photo

  Liuzhou City Junior Census Team won the championship. Liyuanyuan photo

  China Xinwang Guangxi News November 6th (Wang Dan) Guangxi 7th “Thousand Mile Cup” Youth Campus Football League (Secondary School Group), ended in Guigang on the 3rd.

  This football league, a total of 48 teams from 13 countries Mbappé Jersey in Guangxi, a total of more than 1200 athletes participated in the competition, and the number of participants was most in the past years. The competition was divided into four groups of men and women in the early and middle school groups and the men and women, laminated 13 days, after 110 fierce battle. In the end, the Liuzhou City team won the high school men’s group, the double-shot champion of junior high school men’s group; Beihai City high school girls won the high school women’s group champion; Nanning City Junior Middle School Women’s Fair won the junior high school women’s group champion.

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Nanning City junior high school girls won the championship. Liyuanyuan photo

Beihai high school girls won the championship. Liyuanyuan photo

  Each game on the green field can be described as a wonderful, exciting. The football teachings work together to work hard, and they are more context in one of the offensive and defensive. They perfectly interpret the infinite charm of football and boundless passion with high fighting spirit. They performed the wonderful performance on the field, perfectly explained the spiritual style of Yongxiang’s high-spirited adolescents.

  In recent years, Guangxi has been guided by campus football, and has widened schools in schools, and promoting Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the coordinated development of young cultural learning and physical exercise. Since the introduction of “Double Reduction” policy, it has actively responded to the national call, comprehensive development of quality education, accelerating the “Wuxi”, and promotes the overall development of Guangxi Youth German intelligence.

  The game is wonderful. Liyuanyuan photo

  The “Thousand Mile Cup” Campus Football League has been successfully held in the seven-year, developed into one of the largest event activities in Guangxi, and has become the Soccer Jersey Discountmost participatory number of students in Guangxi students, the most widely covered, the most influential sports project, for the football Teenagers offer a high level of football competitive platform to help them enjoy fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and temper will. In order to improve the overall level of Guangxi campus football and the health and orderly development of campus football, it has made a positive contribution.

  This event was hosted by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Education Department, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, the Guangxi Football Association, Harbor City Education Bureau.