Grandpa uses a hammer to lock the football field to dance square dance

Hunan Zhuzhou, evening

Children take advantage of Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

Hold a game in the football field

In order to prevent someone from disturbing

They latched the door of the football field

But I didn’t expect the square dance mom and the unfortunate.

After being able to open the door

A uncle actually mention a hammer

Continuously on the door lock on the football field
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The big moms next to them clapping,english news today live and constantly encouraging grandfather

In the end, the grandfather is hard to make the lock.

Grandpa and big moms rushed into the football field

After seeing the grandfather and the aunt

Children have no way to this

I have to give up the game.

The aunt occupied half a stadium

And began to dance in the middle of the site

Children can only play on the remaining half of the stadium

Privately use hard-opening lock

This group of square dance grand moms

It’s a bit too much.


Your behavior gives the children a worst example

Dancing people in the square

The relevant departments should introduce the policy to rectify the rectification.

I believe that these old people have their own descendants.

So in my own happiness

Whether it is also for the children to think about it

compare to

The following grandmars are very cute.


Shanghai, a square dance team leads news 7 today the netizens countless praise

Unlike the past

Their dancing is noisy on the scene.


They search engine newsall wear a pair of headphones that accept the designated frequency band

Frequency section number set by the player

All headphones can receive the same song

This way

Everyone is happy, have fun

Not disturbed people


Many netizens have some good

I hope to promote the national promotion

It is also dancing square dance

The gap is so big.

Source: CCTV, Beiqing Net, CCTV Finance
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