good news! 26 people in the national football team have been enlightened, and all the naturalized players are selected.

Shanghai Kits Football Kits is a very important city in China. In fact, they have also have a lot of good players, some are local people in Shanghai, and some people have long-term effectiveness to the Shanghai team, but they all represent Shanghai football, many people Also there is a place in the national team. Next, see these five very representative players, they are very powerful, and all the feet.

Shanghai football representative players 5: Jiangjin (door will)

During A a period, there were a lot of outstanding players in China, including a lot Manchester United Jerseyof excellent gates, “Hongjin Brothers” is the representative. Jiang Hong, Jiangjin is selected to have been selected by the national team, especially the latter is more famous. Jiangjin has had an effective force in the eight one, TEDA, Shanghai. In 1997-2002, Jiangjin served in the national team. 2000 Asian Cup, Jiangjin has also been rated as “the best door will”. 2002 World Cup, due to the overall strength of the national football, coupled with the opponent is too strong, so the Chinese team lost 9 goals in 3 battles, which also became Jiangjin’s “black history”. However, in the battle of the Chinese Pakistan, if it is not Jiangjin high, maybe the national football is not allowed to lose 4 goals.

Shanghai football representative players 4: 宏 (midfield)

In 1995, only 19-year-old Yan Hong sat firmly of the main position of Shenhua. It is necessary to know the Shenhua in the A A era, not as good as it is good today. Yan Hong is out of the public, like the star Wang Lihong, the secondary field, a bit of a feeling. The 2002 World Preliminary Tast Race, Zhuan Brothers contributed 3 gold-like goals, and made the Chinese team into the World Cup. In 2002, Zhongyuan smashed 9.5 million silver, he grabbed him from Shenhua hand. You know, 9.5 million before 18 years ago tens of thousands of today.

Shanghai football representative players 3: Wu Chengyu (defender)

In the future, China’s best left back seems to be Wu Chenghao. Lao Wu has the physical strength of Li Tie, “running is not dead”, while daring to attack, and defensive, it is a good hand of the side. In 2003, Shenhua took Wu Chenghao with 13 million pieces of prices, and he also refreshed the 9.5 million records set by Zhaofang. He is not only the absolute main force of Shenhua, but also the main force of Mi Lu. When Liverpool Jerseythe Chinese team was in the two sides of the Chinese team, Sun Jihai and Wu Chengyu were in the middle, and there was an old man in the middle, and the combination thought that it was excited.

Shanghai football representative players 2: Liu Haiguang (forward)

In the past, the national football was popular with 1 high and 1 fast play, and Liu Haiguang, a height of 1 meter 86 is a typical typical center.Football Shirts Wholesale Compared to the feet, the heads of the old willow are more horrible, and he represents the national football team, and the country team shoots the 7th place. In 1988, China has successfully entered the Olympics, and the old willow is the main striker in the children. At that time, the Football Competition of the Olympic Games did not limit the age, so countries were basically the national team in kick. In 1988, China was at home 0: 1 Japan, the went out is a paint black, but in this case, we have a 2-ball seconds of Japan, and 1 goal is from Liu Haiguang’s “”.

Shanghai football representative players 1: Fan Zhiyi (defender)

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To say that the first person in Shanghai’s football history should be “Fan Da General”. In 1995, due to the number one shooter Li Xiaoyan disease, the old man was taken in the front line. As a result, he got 15 grain of the ball to get the A a gold boots, Chinese Football Award. You know, Fan Zhiyi is the material of the famous defender. He is fast, bounces well, defensive and first-class. In 2001, Lao Fan also successfully elected Mr. Asian Football. Mi Du Era, old fan has always been the absolute main force of the national football. As far as his performance is concerned, the prefects of Shanghai football banner is difficult to surpass.

The above is very powerful, Shanghai State: Jiangjin, 5th, Yan Hong 4th, Wu Chengyu 3rd, Liu Haiguang No. 2, Fan Zhiyi, the first, is difficult for Asian football.

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