Front raider coach reminds the bald superstar: do not change the stuff with steel people

In an interview with NFL official website, Delrio said Brown will bring great trouble to the head of Joe-Grunette, this seven professional bowls star players are annoying.People: “He is a very talented player, I also want to have him. I will work with him. This is no problem. If the player has talent, then I will be more embarrassed to him, unless he gives the teamLarge damage. He (Brown) must learn to control himself will help the team. If he is still the same as before, with the steel man, then the next team of the next team will not be happy. AlthoughThis is the United States, I mean that you have freedom, you can do things you want to do. If you want to say, but these can’t help him become a good teammate and a useful person. “