Football carnival waiting for you to join

  ■ Urban Times Full Media Reporter Chen Wen Yun

  Living in Kunming City is a happy thing. Even if you are in autumn and winter, you can still get outdoors, this is also the happiness of Spring City amateur football enthusiasts – in Kunming, you can play on the high-quality stadium for a year. Ball, with your brothers to sweat, enjoy your fun and challenges to me to the resistance. If you are also a member of the Green Field, please accept the invitation now, join a football carnival!

  As a huge-time amateur football event in Kunming, the 5th “Spring City Sports Festival” in 2021, the 27th city weekend cup football competition registration is officially launched, and the event will continue to provide a ball for the majority of football enthusiasts. The competitive platform of the meeting. At present, the registration channel of the event has been officially opened, and each team can sign up through the “Green Years” app.

  Traditional brand events are not absent

  In the summer of 1993, with the slogan of “uncomfortable”, the first urban weekend cup football competition was officially born, just like a baby in the ground, 32 teams pretended to have the first step in growth. Since its establishment, the city weekend cup football competition has been praised by Kunming’s amateur football enthusiasts, the number of participating teams has more than 50,000 people, and millions of radiant people is the most influential in Kunming. Force national fitness activities, also the gold medal of Yunnan and even the national amateur football.

  Since the city weekend cup football competition, it is inseparable from the support of the majority of players, fans and partners. The event has born many outstanding players, leaving a lot of stadiums that are still arriving in Jinjin, can say ” The city weekend is the representative of Kunming honesty, carrying a few generations of youth. Zhao Yuhao, Zhao Yuhao, once said: “I watched my father and played my father in the field.” The front country, CCTV’s famous commentator Xu Yang not only personally participates in the event, but also appreciate the event, “there is a passionate grassroots player and high Specific football venue. ”

  Since the city weekend cup football competition, it has always been in terms of lack of employment league, from operating organizations, publicity planning, club management, and event services, etc., with high level, high quality, through the city Times full media platform professional event creativity and promotion More people learn about the development of Kunming amateur football and the moving football story of Kunming “grass root” star, the influence of the event is constantly improving.

  In the last year, the participating team offered the highest level of the city’s highest level since its establishment, the highest level of the highest level of Kunming homes, the Spring City Amateur Football mouni roy western dress Competition in the urban weekend cup football The high-quality competitive platform in this high-quality competitive platform showed the style of the Kunming hurt team.

  This year, in the expectation of the majority of football enthusiasts, the registration of the event was officially launched. Under the preparation of the event preparation, the organizer will determine the outcome of the epidemic, safety and other situations.

  Enrich the masses of amateur life

  This session is hosted by the Kunming Education Sports Bureau, Kunming News Media Group, Kunming Football Association, Kunming Urban Times Media Co., Ltd., the event operation unit Yunnan Know Exploration Sports Welfare Industry Co., Ltd., Event Executive Unit Yunnan Crown Sport Development Co., Ltd.

  The purpose of this event is to implement the national twenty four live news fitness plan, promote the popularization of football, improve the health and quality of the people, expand the Chinese football population, cultivate Kunming football soil and football culture, and promote the deep integration of national fitness and national health.

  The 27th City Weekend Cup Football Competition is also one of the series of matters of the 5th “Spring Sports Festival” in Kunming City. It is the highest in the city of Kunming, the number of national fitness activities, “Spring City Sports Festival” Practice the “people-centered” development ideas, serve the fitness needs of the masses, combined with offline and offline, cultural display and sports fitness combined, innovate activities, scientific and orderly sports fitness activities, actively promote national fitness National strategy.

  This year, the 5th t news today “Spring City Sports Festival” is fully upgraded to the “online + line” model, which conducts a distinctive national fitness activity against different citizen groups. In addition to the “Sports Day” series of “Sports Day” series of “Sports Day” in the public, Ice Snow, Skin, Flood Walk, Outdoor Movement, etc., this year, “Community Games” and “1 minute challenge” have been launched, in-depth school and community, further popularization And promote mass sports activities. At the same time, it will continue to carry out the national fitness photography contest and Chuncheng Sports Festival model character story collection activities, with the form of people’s story mining, photographing and sharing, providing exchange sharing for the general public.

  Youth group and evergreen group

  The two groups of the youth group and the baba ramdev contact number toll free evergreen group will be used in the first phase, and the second phase will decline in the final name through the cross-knockout.

  As a result of more than 20 years of deep-cultivation of the Kunming honesty, the city weekend cup football competition is accompanied by many football enthusiasts, and has also supported the support and recognition of many players. After last year, set up a constant green group again. I hope to provide a competitive platform for players who have been supporting events, take everyone to relive the long-awaited years.

  According to the procedure, during January 31, 2021, December 31, 2021, who registered in China’s Football Association, a team member registered in China, and in China Football Association, province The athletes in the Football Association and the Municipal Football Association may not sign up. Other ages greater than 18 years delhi news in tamil old (born before December 31, 2003) can sign up, and the evergreen group participants must be born before December 31, 1981. Each team contains 3 players who have been born after 1982. The participating team can be composed of the organs, schools, enterprises, industries, and troops. You can also participate in the competition in the form of a club through free combination. In Kun, foreign friends who work work can be group participating competitions, and each athlete can only Representing a team of teams.

  At present, the registration channel of the event has been opened, and the signature team must determine the registration information as soon as possible and pay the registration fee. The registration of the event will be conducted through the “Green Years” App client, the team can log in to the client and submission and the team-related information confirmation, the sports team will finally register, the participants must check in the “green year” system Pass, otherwise it is not allowed.

  After the participating team, the team must pay 5,000 yuan to the event execution unit, and the discipline margin is 5,000 yuan (the team ends, the team will be refunded if there is no violation of violations.

  ★ Registration information


  Urban weekend cup

  Football competition

  Registration channel

  Green Years APP


  Youth Group and Evergreen Group


  The first stage

  Group single loop match

  second stage


  registery fee

  5000 yuan


  Discipline margin

  5000 yuan


  Registration deadline

  November 20th


  support hotline