Five-person football Yuechao League battle fifth round, Foshan Viki Leading Column

“Major Flower” The 10th Guangdong Provincial Five-Territic Football www times of india news Super (Yuechao) League 5th round event was held on October 31. At present, Foshan Viking is 13 minutes old, and Yexiang-Amei Tech 12 takes followed.

This round of competition results: Qingxiang-Amy Technology with 6 to 4 Li Keqing, Xiqi · Chaoshan to defeat Guangzhou Hui League with 4 to 2 – Errobe Technology, Shenzhen Biwa Madman Sogray City 1 to 3 is today’s current news headlines not enemy Zhuhai Wish rotation.

This wheel has a total of 20 goals, with an average number of goals reached 6.6, and the average division is british airways customer care 24×7 uk just 2. If the five-person football is within 4 goals, that is, the game is dependent on the enemy, and it can be seen the intense competition.

In the shooter list, Foshan Zhizhi Bin is the first list, Wu Fei Lin, Zhuhai, Xu Guanbin, and Qingxiang’s second.

After five rounds, the number of points in the competition is only 1.93 balls. It is the closest headlines on google one of the 10th Guangdong Characters Levels, and the difference in the game within 3 goals accounts for 86.6% of the game.

The 3 games of this mau news today live round, through 16 online live broadcast platforms such as China Sports, Sina Sports, Penguins, Baidu, and watching the number of games nearly 2 million, and the number of people watching the game reached 3,3025.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News · Yangcheng School

Liang Jinsong