Five-person football training is rising from which country

The five-person football originated in the 1930 Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, has been held in the 8th Five-Year Football World Cup. Our five-person football started late until 1995, the first five-person football championship was held. Subsequently, my country’s five-person football began to take career development routes, and held the first indoor five-person football in 2003. The Grade Class A team, held the first college students five-person league in 2004. At the national team, my country’s five-person men’s football national team received qualifications online india news in hindi for participating in the Brazilian five-person football World Cup in 2008. This is a major breakthrough in the history of Chinese five-person football.

In 2015, the central government issued the “China Football Reform Overall Program”, emphasized the importance of campus football and football courses, so the five-person football has become an important task in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities carry out the necessity of five-person football, which is conducive to improving the healthy development of college students’ physical and mental health, has a great promotion in the physical fitness and psychological quality of the players. In terms of physical fitness, players need good explosive power. It is possible to instantly brake forward, and there is also a good endurance, because the five-person football today news hindi me attack and defense conversion rhythm is fast, and there is a lot of short-distance round-trip running, so five-person football training can effectively improve the player. Heart and pulmonary function and muscle explosive force.

The five-person football requires a more diverse movement, for example, in the game, shovel, chest, throw, thigh, etc., need to use the body part is also comprehensive, and in the competition, emergency, Bounce, the movements such as turning and running are very common, which can promote the coordinated development of various parts of the player, and can also exercise coordination and sensitivity, which is in line with the requirements of the quality of college students. In terms of psychological quality, whether it is in the competition or in teaching, whenever the player plays a perfect cooperation google news today india or goal score, it can make the students ‘heart is full of pride, so it can greatly improve the students’ self-confidence, while each When playing a game, the students are full of sweat. At this time, they must be released, which helps to alleviate the pressure in the study.

It also promoted the team awareness of the students, so that everyone likes the five-person football movement, providing a lot of help for future football development. It helps to improve the characteristics of five-person football in teachers’ teaching environment due to small range of venue, and can fully utilize eleven people’s football courts for teaching. Teachers can divide a standard eleven venue into four five-person venues or 2 five-person venues to lect out, so that every classmate is fully involved, and teachers can better play on the site. Guidance club factory customer care number 24×7 and demonstration, reduce the difficulty of guidance, can also make explanations according to the students’ performance, timely call, to instill the right to lead the football action, and can match the game to make students practice,

Through the game, students can better understand the tactical leadership and thinking, let each student can touch football, truly let the football spread in colleges, greatly improve football participation rate and student interest, and also promoted teaching Level improvement, achieving physical teaching objectives, complement each other, so that it can better promote and develop. The problems in colleges and universities carry out five-person football, and the universal level of penetration leads to the shortage of students ‘participation rates and low levels of colleges and universities, leading to students’ participation rate and interest in football. At present, most primary schools have begun to fully and popularize five-person football, and increase the practice of football projects in sports classes.

As a platform for campus football, most schools still do not achieve popularity of five-person football, students are far less than the participation rate and interest of five-person football, so it directly affects five football. Teaching and training, let each classmate in the minds in the minds in a shallow level in the past, so that the participation rate and students in the school and students are still in the lack of interest in football. College own values ??are not enough to pay attention to the importance of five-person football.

For example, Hubei University and the Three Gorges University, these two universities are the strong team of “Five League” (College Students’ League). Most schools still do not pay attention to five-person football, unclear the characteristics of five-person football, and have not promoted five-person football as the basic movement of the school, so that students directly lead to less understanding of the five-person football. There is also a few, there is no formal five-person football venue in the school, so, whether in sports facilities, the construction or publicity, most colleges should pay attention to the development and construction of five-person football, recognize five people to make the students to students and The advantages of the school, planning a good way, so that the five-person football get better in colleges and universities.

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