Ferdinan Germany: If Manchester United’s defense is like the Champions League in Week, weekend will be 3-5 balls by Manchester City.

Live Bar November 3, the Champions League Group, the fourth round of the Champions League, 2-2 Pacific Atlanta, C Luo Shuangwei Save the team.After the game, Manchester United Ningfu Didand made criticized Manchester United, and believes that Manchester United’s defensive performance in today’s defensive performance will face the tragedy.

“Manchester United is not as performance today situation in the second half of Today. If they meet Mangcheng baba ramdev contact number toll free in such a performance, they will be re-entered 3 dd news malayalam balls, 4 goals or even 5 goals.”

“They lack real respect for live news headlines in hindi opponents. They are so broken, loose and careful in the case of balls and non-ball. We look at it like this, sometimes you don’t know what they are playing. They have fallen together.It was C Luo saved the team in the second half. ”

At 20:30 on November 6, Manchester United will usher in Manchester City Derby, ending this stage of the devil schedule.