Fear the Super Bowl MVP! Bears quarterback Trudeau Bisi Ji sound: This is still my team

June 13 News (text / ESPN Jeff Dickerson compile / Aibo) since the former Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick – Falls after being traded to the Chicago Bears, the obvious, the Bears will face a fierce new season starting quarterback battle. Previously from coach Matt – Nagy to the players more or less asked this question, however, the team’s starting quarterback the past three years Mitchell – Trudeau Bisi Ji has been no response. However, this 2017 session of the place show for the first time in five months sound will show a tough attitude.

“Yes, Fowles know when to come, I’m very interested.” Trudeau Bisi Ji said, “I knew I would face competition, but that’s part of our profession. I think that is a good thing to keep a little anger ., because it will inspire my motivation I think it will be a good competition, Falls has a crazy career, so he came to our team would be cool; I know we will push each other, but I still think – this is my team “!

“I am very excited to compete, I just want to return to the court and to my teammates, to show what I can do, and how this offseason, I was trying to help the team win this year’s race.” Trudeau Bisi Ji last season’s performance is true that some bad, the first 28 QBR quarterback rating (39.4) and traditional quarterback rating (83.0) are seventh in the league; 27 touchdowns ranked league 17,3138 code to promote ranked No. 21, and pass forward Size 6.1 yards is ranked 32nd league. This performance also made the Bears chose not to renew his fifth year of his rookie contract.

The face of the team’s decision, Trudeau Bisi Ji that they understand. “I think my performance last year is not worth contract, so I’m not surprised.” He said, “I think some of my health issues last year, and then on the offensive details of the deal was not good enough. So, if I strive to improve these two points – better luck to stay healthy, and even more focused on our game plan, execute better in the game, we will win more games we absolutely have such a talented team, as long as everyone. complete their work on the line. “

The 25-year-old quarterback last season, most of the time are facing this troubled part of the shoulder tear, in January this year, he underwent shoulder surgery to repair. Although the 2018 season, he scored 3,223 yards passing, 24 touchdowns, and data 421 yards rushing, three touchdowns and helped the Bears had 12 wins and 4 losses record; but obviously, in the Fall Sri Lanka’s competition, he did not take a clear upper hand.

“It’s hard to say.” Najib said the coach, “I asked him the question can be seen in his active preparations 2020 season, when we can train these results will show up, I’m very excited. But starting quarterback candidates really hard, if I can say something now, it is absolutely lying to you; but I can say that every time he met online can ask some key questions, Nick, too, they are very good at doing this. “

Of course, for Trudeau Bisi Ji, he is likely to become a free agent after the 2020 season, but he stressed that he only concerned with the immediate season, their future has no plans.

“I think this year I can do is control the things I control, that is, together with his teammates came out of a bad situation last year.” Trudeau Bisi Ji said, “I love these guys, and I and they feel the game with excitement. I can not control what happened next, I’m just happy with their current position. I do not know the future, nobody knows, but I feel good now, both for the new season, or for my career development, I am very confident. “