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Previously, Tom Brradi enjoys a wonderful beach holiday in Costa Rica. Now, as a native California people, Braddy returns to California with his wife Jichell – Bangchen, and comes to the Los Angeles Malib Beach to continue to enjoy Happy blue sea blue sky. But in fact, Braddy seems to ignore some important things in the happiness. Someone took it, Braddy drove a Rollinan, drive from a residence in Los Angeles to Maribu Beach. Braddy didn’t care about what brand of his own car, but Braddy seems to forget, he and the famous car brand – Aston Martin is signed for many years of endorsement contract.

Cullinan is the first full-top SUV of Rolls Royce, probably $ 320,000, which is not a big money for Bradi. But the problem is that Braddy has already signed a contract with Aston Martin, and Aston Martin even created a “Braddy Signs” vanquish s luxury super run, and in the world Limited to 12 sets. In front of the 53rd super bowl, Braddy also opened a series of Aston Martin’s unveiled in Atlant, and won the marketing.

Therefore, this Braddy is sitting in Rolls Royce, which will definitely lead people’s questions. As a world-renowned rugby player, Braddy can bring extremely high commercial effects for any brand you use, so Braddy regards Aston Martin, which endorsement, appeared in the Rolls Royce, which is equivalent to playing a marketing advertisement for Rolls Royce, and then has a negative impact on Aston Martin.

Previously, Aston Martin’s president Laura – Schwab Zeng Zarai is a sincere and excellent spokesperson: “He is a sincere person, he knows his influence, when he visited the factory, his for workers They are very distinguished, and they are very sincere for everyone’s attitude, and praise everyone’s work. “From this president, we are not difficult to feel that Braddy’s personality is the reason for this brand. .

The place where Hollywood star gathers is the “blessing” of the dog, obviously Braddy didn’t realize this, so I just opened the car out of play, the result was just taken. Therefore, Braddy’s “unhealthy move” obviously will give Aston Martin some bad influences, let us pay attention to this problem.

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