Eagle 30-23 ram defending champion reserved the season

After the first attack of the prevention of the rave, the Hague MVP Nick Form was finally debuted again this season. Run Darren – Sprogs rushed out of the large number to help the old hawk advanced half. After 7 minutes from the first quarter, the Eagle won a 51-yard free kick, kicking the ball Jake – Elliott reluctantly hit a free kick, 3: 0. The race of the homeland immediately gave counterattacks, playing the gathered Run Todde – Galley raised his eye performance at home. 1 minute before the end of the first quarter, Todd Galley took the ball to go to the eagle queue against the score, 7: 3. Subsequent, the eagle team’s external connections, Allah, Jeffrey, a few times and Nick-Work, and the Eagle team won a free kick again 3 minutes after the start of the second quarter, and the eagle team continued to hit a free kick, 7: 6. And the race team is also good in the second quarter, running Todd Gherley or a relaxed breakthrough of the Eagle’s defensive frontline, they hit free kick in the second quarter, hit free kick, 10 : 6. The MVP, which is once again shaped, and the MVP is clearly maintained at the high level of last year, and several long-term teachings can be met to his external connections. External hands Al Shawen – Jeffrey two brought 54 yards, successful helping the Eagle team hit the red area of ??the male. 1 minute before the end of the half, John Jose-Adam Strongly rushed into the side of the ravese of the ram, and the score was higher than the score, 13: 10. However, the propulsion of the ravese in a minute is quite rapid, 4 seconds before the end of the half, playing a 36-yard free kick in the player, and eliminating the score, 13: 13.