Durant and Haden will give up you! Zhan Huang is desperately desperate, congratulations, and the Lakers really pay attention to you.

Beijing time November 29th, in a NBA regular https://www.maillotbasket6.com season ended today, the Lakers defeated the piston at 110-106. In this game, the Lakers’ star Racel Westbrook showed excellent performance, 36 minutes in the audience, 16 shots 10 were taken from 25 points and 6 rebounds 9 assists 1 steals, you can see that compared with the beginning of the season, now Qi Shao has played more and better.

According to statistics, nearly five games, Wei Shao got 26 points 10 assists 9 rebounds, 31 points 10 assists 13 rebounds, 20 points 5 assists 7 rebounds, 29 points 11 assists 10 rebounds, 25 points 9 assists 6 rebounds, 5 games Averaging 26.2 points 9 assists 9 rebounds, and his seasonal data has been increased from 20.6 points 8.4 rebound 8.7 Assistance 1.3 steals, although it is not very perfect, but it can feel very good, now Gradually, the more comfortably played on the court.


More importantly, compared with the beginning of the beginning, the current Wei Shao often reveals his smile. After today, Wei Shang said: “We understand what happens, we will stick to the right track. Going down. Adversely is the wealth in life, adversity can shape the character. When things are not satisfactory, you can show you the essence. I can experience the ups and downs, and the whole team is working hard to solve the problem. Finally, you will feel satisfy.”

In recent seasays, the questioning of the west of Wei Shao has begun, when Durant left the Thunder, Durang features the “Thunder Friends Are the Anti-Dog” comments, and Harden, Bill only cooperates. It was traded in a season, and many people had a lot of people who were less than a “cancer” player. In the season, he was in the early days of the Lakers’ https://www.nbatrikots4.com poor performance, and many people believed, Durant and Harden. It is reasonable to discard him.

Come to the Lakers, for Wei Shaozi is a crisis and opportunity coexisting, Los Angeles media pressure, fans’s disjection destined that Wei Sha will bear huge pressure, once he is not good, trading rumors, media criticism, fans If you blame it, and after you have experienced many trades, if you can’t usher in the Lakers, he may be difficult to get a better contract.

But to the Lakers, it is also a lucky to Wei Shao, because in addition to the Thunder, the Lakers are undoubtedly the most important international team. The first is James and strong eyebrows to pay attention to him, and the two people will come to recruit Wei Shao, and even let the Lakers give up Drogzan, Hilde, etc. may be more suitable for the Lakers’ https://www.maillotbasket6.com players, and to this James and thick eyebrows The explanation is very simple, because Wei Shao wants to go back to the hometown of Los Angeles playing.

Secondly, the Lakers pay attention to Wei Shao, in order to make Wei Shao play comfortable, the Lakers do try and change the whole season, because Wei Shao needs space, the Lakers know that the power of the double tower is good, it is hard to play a big Four small, even recently started to play five small lineups, let James go to the fiveth, Woger’s explanation is also very direct, just to make Wei Shao play comfortably, he said: “LeBron and Camero (Anthony) The lineup of the four-five-five-bit. We will refer to the non-center lineup. It provides more space for Russ (Russel-Westbrook). “

To create more space for Wei Shao, this is something that the Lakers have always emphasized this season. Even James is willing to change, the 37-year-old James, will have a certain weight loss during the offset period. Go to the four or five positions, in order to make Wei Shao play comfortable, James gave up some of the ball, giving the right to the power, he ran to the inner line with the young muscles, the men, James could not do it, But for the sake of Wei, he is willing to desperately.

This season is still hard to say, but no matter how the ending is, there is a thing that can be sure. After leaving the Thunder, Wei Shao finally encountered a team, a group is willing to him. Sacrifice and changed brothers, regardless of the results, this is a full-featured journey.