Do you want to lock the library? The Sun Qi soldiers are not greedy.

On December 1st, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, and the Sun Team was in the case of the wounded in Buck, but he defeated the Warriors in the excellent defense. At the same time, it also transcends the Warriors to occupy the first position of the alliance. The Sun team can prevent the Warriors and restrict their score to 100 points. If there is any person, he is responsible for staring in Bridges in the defense.

In this game, Bridge was 41 minutes, although he only got 2 points in 4 shots, but he sent 4 steps to 1 cover, and under his defense, there were only 4 in the Curi 21. I only got 12 points and played a minimum of career hit rate.

Bridges’ excellent defense, got a variety of fans and media after the game, and even the defenders of the opponents and Green for him and the Suns. However, Bridges himself is very modest and low-key. When they accept an interview after the game, he also said that it is not the power of him alone, but the trial of the whole team.

“To defend a guy like library, it is impossible to serve alone, this requires the efforts of the team. Here I have to give praise to my teammates, we have done very well in communication today. We always agree, this is the trial of the whole team. “Bridges said.

This season, Bridges can get 12.4 points 3.9 rebound 1.9 Assistance 1.5 steals, and the three-point ball https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comrate is as high as 39.1%. Excellent ability to defensive, three-pointer projection accurate, the character is still so low-key, Bridges, is indeed a perfect puzzle of the crown team, the Sun team is in the offset period for 4 years $ 90 million in advance Continue him, now it is indeed a value of value.