Curry led by 11 points distal chopped game to play flower, George empty board cut 30 points +5 +5 assists too frustrating

Beijing time on November 29, NBA Warriors away to the Clippers in the first half team performance is quite 2, – Stephen Curry half 11 shots scored 13 points and 4 rebounds +3 +3 +5 assists and steals, George 10 went 4 + 2 rebounds and scored 12 points, 8 Morris went 4 scored 11 points +6 +2 assists and rebounds, half of the game, scored five steals, Curry defense is amazing, because of this to force steals, leading the Warriors finished the half the Clippers 2 points, the third hit Poole broke out, he single scored 5 of 11 shooting 15 points, 9 and George went 4 scored 10 points in struggling support, three cruised to two teams score 75-68, the Warriors lead seven minutes.

Only points difference 7 points, suspense, this game is still very large, such as the script may in general, – Stephen Curry in the distal broke out between the distal final nine minutes and 20 seconds to 5 minutes 21 seconds, Curry 4 vote total chopped 11 points (even into the three-pointers), about four minutes to play such an outbreak, he led the Warriors shot a shock wave of 20 to 9, the whole last 5 minutes 20 seconds Warriors 18 points ahead he put the match to the outbreak of this wave hit it took a minute after the Clippers pulled George to let the game into garbage time, and ultimately the audience score frames at 105-90, the Warriors scored six points https://www.nbatrikots4.comvictory over 15-game winning streak, library where the outbreak is very to the force, the campaign of George seemed to be somewhat helpless!

Curry 22 shots the whole game scored 33 points and 12 rebounds +5 +6 +6 assists explosion output steals, Paul – George is actually not a big change, the campaign is George 11 of 24 shots scored 30 points + + 5 assists and 5 rebounds, the gap on the strength of his teammates, it does exist, Curry’s 33 points was the Warriors total score of 31.42 percent, George 30 points Clippers total score of 33.3%, Curry audience hit count is 31.5% Warriors, George the number of hits is 34.37% of the total Clippers hit, compared to
Curry term, George burden in this game will be slightly larger …

The Warriors missed the Klein – Thompson, the Clippers missed the Division pregnant – Leonard, complete lineup of theoretical two teams are similar, this similarity can not let the game become similar performance, there are many factors that can change the situation of the game, Curry distal game stand out a wave of the moves, he chopped 11-point performance too had burst, no teammates to force George on the one hand, it also lacks the critical moment of the outbreak, which made him helpless cut-to-air, and sometimes you have to admit, it is played between the players there is a gap, plus the gap between the teammates, the Clippers lost to the best team record in the league, that looks can understand it?