Create history!Chinese teenager Chiyou Jun 61 is selected by the Los Angeles Ran

Beijing April 27, NFL Draft continues in Nashville, high-profile Chinese players, Chun Chi Friends of the Los Angeles Rams was selected in the second round of 61 overall, becoming the highest pick in the NFL Draft of Chinese players. His presence on the Chinese players is a great encouragement, perhaps he will be the next Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin, the Chinese football guide direction.

After the 2018 season, the University of the regular season, the best team in the selection of the nation, the late Friends Chun was selected as the nation’s two arrays. Plus amazing performance comprehensive survey of the camp, his NFL draft stock has risen in the ranks of potential first-round pick from the three pre-season prediction show, ranked 39 in the overall ranking of all NFL rookies in. After the first round yesterday and missed, late in the second round of the Friends of Chun finally being brought back to the Los Angeles Rams, was selected to become the fifth year of the security guard.

Rams defensive second-tier star-studded, last season recruit two star cornerback A Qibu – Taleb and Marcus – Peters, now the security guard position as well as Josh – and veteran Eric Johnson – Victoria Bender, late addition to the Friends of Chun also with Blake – Countess, Marquis – Christian compete, we look forward to his performance in the City of angels.

Friends of Chi Chun is not NFL players with a history of Chinese descent, early in 2010, was born in Virginia, USA Wang Kai, a total of 5 140 selected by Buffalo Bill, whose parents once Bayi Tigongtaidui track and field athletes, this is the first pure Chinese blood of NFL players. However, while Bill Wang Kai in his rookie season as the primary backup offensive line had six appearances, but unfortunately, he was being released before the start of the 2011 season, the team, then worked in the offseason signing Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles, but he had failed to stay in the team squad.

Friends of Chi Chun as a four-star players graduating from high school in Bellingham, Washington, who is the state’s fourth-ranked player. He did not choose Notre Dame, Stanford University, University of Colorado, but came to the University of Washington. And his performance last season, broke out, 59 tackles, 5 sacks, five pass sabotage, forcing three fumbles, 2 steals all-around performance, so that he eventually was named the nation’s best team on ESPN . Despite wins over North Dakota, Utah double play, exterminate UCLA, Stanford win, late Friends of Chun’s performance are shining audience; even lost two games in Oregon and the University of California, Berkeley, he also contributed 8 tackles can CYCLE point. His total dedication to the University three years during 168 tackles, 8.5 tackles lost yards, 6 sacks, seven interceptions, a return touchdowns, 2 manufacturing off the ball, off the ball three times to pick up, which a series of numbers behind it is perfectly reflected his overall strength.

Friends of Chi Chun then announced its decision to enter the draft in his Twitter in. “From childhood I dreamed of one day playing in the NFL, and now this incredible opportunity in front of me, I think for me the best way is to grab it.” At the end of the statement, he also in Chinese to express his gratitude to the University of Washington, “chasing the dream, my sincere thanks to cultivate the University of Washington, come on!” Chun said of late friends.

In fact, 2019 is indeed the best time to enter the draft in late Friends of Chun. Mel commentator on ESPN’s draft – the latest rankings Kipper, the late Friends Chun is ranked fifth security guard candidates. The company is widely assumed that his scouts will be selected in the second round. For the Chinese teenager, the bigger stage is beckoning to him!

Glare Chinese University of shattered racial discrimination football field

Process station on college football stadium in the late Friends Chun definitely not easy, because he has this Asian descent, accurate to say that Chinese ancestry. Friends of the late mother of Chun Chi Yan (phonetic) from Shanghai in the 1990s to recognize the identity of the student translation business trip to China Chris, after two people know and love, marry Chris’s face, do not hesitate Chi Yan He agreed, and follow Chris returned to Toronto, and later came to the United States, gave birth to the Friends of Austin and late Jun. Of course, she did not think his son would embark on the football this road, we are unable to foresee the road movement of identity will make the son of the Chinese people’s half full of thorns.

When low-level high school league already unlikely to cause scouts, college coaches are concerned, in particular, we never had a successful precedent in the Canadian half-breed, but also let people see their peers when he put on football equipment, fans watching him play , involuntary experts see video highlights with a question of his vision. More than 28,000 players in Division I college football season registered only 115 registered as of Asian descent, Chinese descent even less. Before late Friends Chun, Wang Kai, so only a Chinese player in 2010 5 140 overall by the Bills selected before, although there have been a debut record, but never really gain a firm foothold in the NFL.

In this matter could continue his brother’s football dream crucial moment, Austin accidentally learned myself grew up with a friend working for the University of Washington football team, responsible for the high school coaches editing video, for admission of use. Austin immediately organize video late good friends of Chun sent to this friend. This friend after seeing the video quickly found a coach, “Hey, coach, there is a kids children from Bellingham, you may need to look at.” Just a word, so gold buried in the desert with the sparkle of the day. Friends Chun before late in high school, he won the buzzer University of Washington high school students the opportunity to attend training camp. Soon, in October of that year, was named Chi Chun Friends 3 star security guard received a scholarship to an invitation from the University of Washington football team, then, Offer from Stanford, Oregon, University of Notre Dame and other schools followed, but these Friends of Chi Chun is not based on the ability of school geometry, but only saw the rich University of Washington defensive second-tier players to come up with even one scholarship to give him. Of course, these elite admission to invite friends did not impress the late Chun, Chun Friends since late childhood dream to be able to effect the University of Washington Huskies team, and now really have such an opportunity, he will not miss.

After entering the university environment that goes to the racial inclusive, after training, Chi Friendly has come out of the Chinese-in-law to give him the trouble brought by the heart career of 10 years, and more keen to embrace Chinese culture, his body Confucius’ “Renyi Li Zhi Xin”, left shoulder on behalf of his “cattle”. Emperor Jun, who opened his heart, is more focused on the dream of his football.

Group of groups? Then stand out

Husky, Washington, has traditions that cultivate top defensive backfows. Last summer, I just changed from the Kansas City Emirates to the Los Angeles ram, the Los Angeles ram, from Washington University. In addition, the University of Washington in 2017, 3 two-wheeled Show-Bada-Baker, Sidney Jones, Kevin Gold-all from the defensive back. These three people have entered Huada in the quarter in Chi Friendship. But even in the competitive team, Chi Youjun also only used a spring training to conquer the entire coach.

The first two games in the 2016 season, although the Huada is easily winning, but Peterson is still looking for the best five-point guardian-based normal rotation. After sitting in two bench, Chi Friendou appeared in the third game of the State University, the first position in the five-point guard (VII), this is a position he never hit, But after this game, he was killed in the coach group in the first list. At the end of the big season, Chi Friendly handed over the transcript of 4 cases (in the team), 51 times (5th) in the team, two of which copy to the NFL draft meeting last year. Sam Downard. With excellent performance, Chi Friendship has received honors such as PAC-12 Best Defense Newcomer Award, PAC-12 Championship MVP, and kills the playoffs with the team.

Before the start of the 17 season, the three boss announced the election, and they were selected in the second round, and the Big Twin Friends of Become became the leader of the army defensive second line. Because of the 16-year outstanding performance, he was also selected in the quaternary PAC-12, and then handed over 59 times, 3.5 times, losing code, 2 killing, 1 copy and 89-pointed safety Score, in the final data, Chi Friendship Jun Lead runs all the security guards of the 2018 season return to the university.

In the 2018 season, the Chiyou Jun, which is promoted to the big three, has entered the most critical year of the football career, and his amazing is still progressing in the main safety of Washington University. Last season, he worked hard, letting the skill bar adds a skill that most of the safety sanitary columns, and when the team is facing some teams with a lot of anti-pharmaceutical pressure, The results of raid training are shown, and the season completed 4 kills (second only to the Gaines of the fire line “No. 2), 5 times, the team 4) is the best agreement . He is more comprehensive, and he has risen on the 2019 draft prediction list. It has become a safeguard of the top three in this year. In some experts’ draft predictions, Chi Friendun has ranked among the first round.

Ming, a combination of investigation camp

On March 5th, the comprehensive examination camp of NFL new show entered the last day of testing. This year, the security guards participated in the draft began to “fill in” into the first test paper of the Alliance. The comprehensive investigation camp is the forward-looking conference, and the performance of rookies in the test will further affect salary and the entire career, how many people’s counterattacks or false are beginning to this series of tests. For Chiyou Jun, the test results of that day were good, and the comprehensive score of 5.91 points was the highest in all safety space this year.

The 20-piece 20-size return of Chiyoujun ranked the second place this year, the 60-piece code returns to rank first, three points running in safety, the third. Returning and three-point running to examine players’ horizontal mobile capabilities and change capabilities, while also testing speed, it is a relatively critical data for security guards, and believes that excellent folding ability can add a lot to Chiyoujun. Comprehensive data, the forefront of Chi Friendship is more optimistic, predicting will be selected in the first round or third round, one of the best security guards this year.

In the comprehensive evaluation given by NFL, this is written: Chi Friendship is a comprehensive player, the first three years, the willil is tenacious, the ball is too stable, and the state is always stable. Chi Friendou is not tall, but his physical quality is very good, and the endurance is very good. During the university, Chi Friends hit a lot of games, which were more suitable for low defense. Emperor Jun has a general capability, but his running capabilities and excellent ability in open space are a reliable security.

Regarding your own characteristics, Chi Friendou said in an interview: “I think I can do anything in the defensive back, my biggest feature is very all, I can do it. I can play Cover3 can also play Cover2, know How to prevent running and interception, and will also raise, cover the outer hand, the slot, the defensive close-end, etc., I can do a lot. “

Chi Friends Jun wants “Niu Turn” – Change the world and create different. Because sometimes, the world is not the best look. In 2002, Yao Ming logged in NBA set off a basketball storm. In 2019, is Chi Friendship to create a rugby storm in China?

Chinese light, wait and see!