Come back! Net net offensive efficiency approximated 10, and the attack and defense is the best state of the crown.

For the Basket Network for criticism, it is definitely a failure last season, and the injury is only part of the series. Let the team aware of the importance of defense. The team has three giants never worry about attack. The defense directly determines the team can go far, the operation of the basket network is extremely targeted, they prefer to lose future draft election to send the non-defended Xiaordan, with the weak Shame In exchange for strong small son guards Carter, Kabalo, Johnson did not leave, even let go of Jeff – Green a certain extent because of his defense.

Among the newly signed players, the Nets adhering to the principle of “defensive first”, this Bryi and James-Johnson are a strong defenders, although Mills can’t defensive, but Australians play never fear of body confrontation Milhap is also a strong defensive consciousness. It is a targeted intrinsic attache that allows the team’s defensiveness, and the defensive efficiency has soared from the League of the last season to the 6th of the season. Limiting the second, the opponent’s three-point ball rate is only 30.5%, down 3.7 percentage points of the higher than the average.

It was originally thought that the Basket Network that completed the defensive short board would be more dominated. They didn’t expect their attack. The finals of the season were inverted. The lack of the Ou Wen did not become an excuse. After all, three giants last season. The most critical reason is that Harden’s downturn, and the state of Harden determines the lower limit of the team as a rule of the team. In fact, regardless of the rules how to change, it is impossible to limit the three scoring kings in a top alliance. Harden is mainly because of the injury of leg gluten, because this injury needs to
be repaired, Harden can’t put all the energy during the offset season. It is put into training.

With the status of Harden in the season, the offensive of the Nets ushered in great promotion. At present, the offensive efficiency has come to the league 11th, the team main rotation player Harris, Brown and Clarkson The wounded will also return, the team’s offensive resources are not compared to the last season, Harden and Durant have not encountered injuries. The team’s offensive efficiency will soon return to the top ten, eastern part. The first throne will also be more stable, but the Net is still too complacent, after all, there is still a big gap from the first offensive efficiency of the league last season.

The most important thing is that although the Net has only lost 5 games, the opponents are the stag, hot, bull, wasps and warriors. All is the strength of the first half of the playoff, especially the overall strength of the east this season. Strong, the situation in the east of Xiqiang is completely transformed. At present, the gap between the first and eastern Eastern Eastern China is also only 4 winners. Increase, want to rush out in the playoffs more difficult, basket network has a long way to go, come on!